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a light

Apr 4, 2009 2 comments

(n)om (n)om (n)om



I think it’s time I crossed a book or two off of my “to buy/to read” list. Maybe tomorrow. Yeah, tomorrow. Sure, KLCC will be a bit packed but I’m not driving so yeah, traffic won’t be a problem. I should look a bit harder, too, and find some nice city shots to capture on Velvia 100F that will be cross-processed. Trippy city shots, oh yeah.

I’ve been trying to turn quite nearly everyone I meet onto Grant Morrison’s run on Doom Patrol, but I haven’t really been successful. Haven’t encountered much success when it comes to All-Star Superman, either (even less, in fact). I don’t blame them, of course: just the mere mention of “comics” still brings to mind some particularly boring and by-the-numbers superhero tripe, so hesitation is understandable. Of course, it’s not like I’m any good at trying to turn people onto shit, so yeah.



Mar 19, 2009 1 comment





Shintaro Kago, I love you.

There’s quite a lot of his stuff (including the mangas these pages are from) here, if you’re interested.

That also means your taste is as horrible as mine.

Also: if you’re a girl and you like this sort of shit then GET IN TOUCH, NOW.

i wanted to write a poem on my deathbed

Mar 18, 2009 Leave a comment

One of my favourite books ever, and probably one of my favourite book covers ever as well.

Best RM9 I ever spent.

gömul vísa um vorið

Jan 29, 2009 Leave a comment

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, eh? Haha, yeah, four days is “a while” when it comes to my usual standards, I guess.

I’ve been a bit unwell recently. Thankfully, however, I haven’t (yet?) succumbed to any sort of fever, but I have been coughing a lot, and my throat’s a bit sore, although it’s not that bad right now. Not bad at all, actually.

Things have been a bit slow recently. Haven’t been out shooting in a while, which means that I’ve actually been wasting the Zinc-Air battery in my OM-1 (those only last a month or so, give or take). I do plan to rectify it soon though, particularly since I’m looking forward to not only seeing how Fuji’s Acros 100 is but also because I have a roll of Tri-X 400 to burn through, and I am definitely looking forward to seeing the results I get from that.

As you might expect, I’ve been writing a lot too, although I’ve managed to refrain from posting any of the new stuff on the Internet (so far). I did post this one up on Facebook, but that’s about it. Might be posting some more soon, although I’m not sure what. I feel quite good about some of the stuff I’ve written recently and I’m looking forward to hopefully being able to release it on an unsuspecting—yeah right, probably the only people that will get the “book” (for lack of a better term) are the people that I’ll have endlessly pimped it to—and very limited public. It’s not about making money or becoming well-known or anything of the sort, though: I want to do this because, well, I want to. Teringin, if I may. At least if I ever have to do it again in the future (for a ‘zine or whatever) I’ll know what I’m doing. Roughly, at least.

With writing comes reading, and I’ve been reading a lot of both Rabih Alameddine’s Koolaids and Etgar Keret’s Missing Kissinger. It helps, yes, that both books aren’t novels: Keret’s book is a collection of short stories and Alameddine’s, while it has a storyline, is very non-linear and structured in (generally very short) vignettes that allow me to skip through it at will, reading whichever vignette(s) I choose. Koolaids is probably one of the best books I’ve read recently and has rocketed to the upper echelons of my “favourites” list, as has Missing Kissinger. I got Koolaids for RM9 at the Pay Less in One Utama too, which, I think you’ll agree, is obscene. Has to rank among the best RM9 I’ve ever spent.

And yeah, Keret is Jewish, so what.

Aside from that it’s been mostly lazing around, CoD4 online and lots of  kinda-wierdo kinda-noisy music (Kuupuu, Islaja, Fursaxa, Hospitals, Sightings, Pocahaunted, Anaksimandros, Kemialliset Ystävät, John Zorn, Naked City, Kría Brekkan, etcetc). It’s good shit. I feel so trendy right now.

No updates in regards to the xLumbrahx EP, don’t know what’s up with that.

And, since I’m in the mood (read: I was bored and looking through my photos and felt like uploading something), here’s a photo:


a man, a plan, a canal: panama.

Aug 1, 2008 Leave a comment

I bought three books today: Oscar Zeta Acosta’s The Revolt of the Cockroach People, Wang Shuo’s Playing for Thrills and the 15th volume of New American Writing, all for a combined total of RM18. Yes, RM18. Probably the first time the whole mega sales going on have significantly affected the amount of money I’ve had to pay. Pay Less Books have a storewide 50% discount going on, people. What the fuck are you waiting for? Sure, they may not always have the greatest selection, but with a bit of looking you can definitely find some gems. I have.

I managed to finish Garros/Evdokimov’s Headcrusher as well. Really good novel for sure, highlighted with certain moments of manic, delirious genius. Funny, violent, witty and somewhat thought-provoking as well, even if the philosophy is a bit . . . quirky, for lack of a better term. A highly enjoyable read, it was one of those novels where I really couldn’t stop turning the pages.

Aside from books and lots of loud, abrasive music (I’ve recently gotten into Sightings and rekindled my love for Merzbow, much to the chagrin of whomever may be in the bathroom when I’m listening to either), today’s mostly been taken up by a significant amount of confusion and thought. I’m confused about college: what I’m supposed to be doing, where I’m supposed to be, what I want, what I should work towards, all that stuff. Sometimes I find myself at college, alone, and I’ll ask myself: “what the fuck are you doing, man?”, and I find that I honestly can’t answer with any sort of conviction.

And then there’s my feelings towards certain things, places and people. I used to think that I had things figured out—at least, to some sort of reasonable extent—but some events over the past week or so have somewhat thrown that into doubt and left me in a bit of a lurch. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going strong (well, kinda), but you could say that there’s been some sort of turbulence.

I was not prepared for the memories that came back to me when I visited a certain place today, and neither was I prepared for the (admittedly, somewhat silly) things I felt when I texted someone tonight. God knows why I did that, particularly in the fragile mood I was (and still am, for the record) in.

God, I need this feeling of unease to go away. I have a life to live.

under the influence(s)

Jul 31, 2008 Leave a comment


Four books that have recently influenced me a lot, both in terms of my writing as well as my tastes. They’ve shaped my writing style to a significant extent and have definitely set me on a very different tangent in terms of the books I look to read/buy/devour/enjoy. Quite a ways away from the Neil Gaimans and Ernest Hemingways of the literary world, that’s for sure, and I think I’m the better for it.

I owe a lot to Sufian Abas’ Kasut Biru Rubina and how he/it reminded me that I don’t have to try and write 2,000-word pieces every single time, and that sometimes shorter and simpler is infinitely better. I honestly feel that the quality of my writing has increased somewhat since deciding to go down this current path of mine, and many people I know agree with me.

That’s a good thing, yes, as it means I’m not imagining things. And besides, it’s always good to have people agree with you.

At the moment, though I’m not half as productive as I used to be. I haven’t really been writing much, and that’s got to change, even if it’s only to stop my “skills” from atrophying due to lack of use. Consistency is needed. Keep yourself sharp.

However, yesterday I finished writing two “new” short prose pieces which, I will have to admit, aren’t exactly totally new pieces of work, but rather re-writes of previous material that never really saw the light of day, at least not in any form similar to the ones they now possess. I’ve submitted both of them to Jerome Kugan’s Poetika Malaysia project for possible inclusion in the upcoming issue.

Appearing in print would be a wonderful way to make my year, for sure.

Tengok lah macamana.

epilogue of a car crash

May 30, 2008 Leave a comment

I find myself grappling with an all-too-familiar sense of confusion these days: I’m thinking too much and it’s occasionally having quite the negative effect on me, and not just in terms of an increased (if that were possible) tendency to lapse into intense phases of self-hate and insecurity. Sometimes I find it hard even to fall asleep (not helped, of course, by the fact that I find it hard to fall asleep regardless) or actually concentrate on anything much, and I often have this kinda-sick, uncomfortable feeling in my stomach.

It’s not all that great, to be honest, this stuff.

I could never deny that I always think too much, and this whole phase is certainly proof—if more proof was needed—of that fact. I really, really wish I could chill the fuck out but I’m finding it to be quite tough, though, the act of “chilling out.” It sounds quite pathetic but it’s quite true. Most of the time at least.

I feel quite alright at the moment, though. It’s a Friday and I’m just trying to relax. Nearly finished with re-reading Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Just as fun the second time around as it was the first. I might decide to hop over to KLCC (and Kino) or some other bookstore and perhaps see if I can get myself one of the books on my “want to buy/read” list, which would include Kerouac’s On the Road and Dharma Bums, William Burroughs’ Junky and all three from his Nova trilogy, Allen Ginsberg’s Howl, Heller’s Catch 22, Hunter Thompson’s Hells Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga and Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail ’72 and some others I’m sure I’ve forgotten.

So many books, so little money: a situation I’m sure many are familiar with. On the positive side though, I guess I know what books I’ll be buying over the next year or so.

I watched High Fidelity in class on Thursday. We were supposed to analyze characters and make notes of how they developed over the course of the movie, but, really, why lie, I spent most of the time just enjoying it. I’m going to have to write a blog post about it on my other blog (which was created solely for my Creative Writing 1 class in place of a physical journal), so check there if anyone’s interested in reading what I have to say about it. (I don’t know why anyone would be, but who knows?)

Speaking of movies, I finally got around to watching Mulholland Drive a week or so back. What can I say? It’s David Lynch, of course it’s fucking brilliant. The musical score was awesome too, and fit the movie brilliantly. Oh, yeah, reminds me how I should get around to watching Tan Chui Mui’s Love Conquers All. Bought the DVD at Art for Grabs ’08 but haven’t watched it yet. Damn.

But first it might be best for me to focus on my Creative Writing 1 assignment first.

I leave you with a photo: