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I think it’s time I crossed a book or two off of my “to buy/to read” list. Maybe tomorrow. Yeah, tomorrow. Sure, KLCC will be a bit packed but I’m not driving so yeah, traffic won’t be a problem. I should look a bit harder, too, and find some nice city shots to capture on Velvia 100F that will be cross-processed. Trippy city shots, oh yeah.

I’ve been trying to turn quite nearly everyone I meet onto Grant Morrison’s run on Doom Patrol, but I haven’t really been successful. Haven’t encountered much success when it comes to All-Star Superman, either (even less, in fact). I don’t blame them, of course: just the mere mention of “comics” still brings to mind some particularly boring and by-the-numbers superhero tripe, so hesitation is understandable. Of course, it’s not like I’m any good at trying to turn people onto shit, so yeah.

  1. afi
    Apr 4, 2009 at 23:02

    Doom Patrol? Wasn’t that the one where certain issues were drawn by that Malaysian artist?

  2. Apr 5, 2009 at 00:50

    Yeah, if I’m not mistaken. Tan Eng Huat or something?

    But it’s all about Grant Morrison’s run writing it, man. All about that.

    Morrison is god.

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