under the influence(s)


Four books that have recently influenced me a lot, both in terms of my writing as well as my tastes. They’ve shaped my writing style to a significant extent and have definitely set me on a very different tangent in terms of the books I look to read/buy/devour/enjoy. Quite a ways away from the Neil Gaimans and Ernest Hemingways of the literary world, that’s for sure, and I think I’m the better for it.

I owe a lot to Sufian Abas’ Kasut Biru Rubina and how he/it reminded me that I don’t have to try and write 2,000-word pieces every single time, and that sometimes shorter and simpler is infinitely better. I honestly feel that the quality of my writing has increased somewhat since deciding to go down this current path of mine, and many people I know agree with me.

That’s a good thing, yes, as it means I’m not imagining things. And besides, it’s always good to have people agree with you.

At the moment, though I’m not half as productive as I used to be. I haven’t really been writing much, and that’s got to change, even if it’s only to stop my “skills” from atrophying due to lack of use. Consistency is needed. Keep yourself sharp.

However, yesterday I finished writing two “new” short prose pieces which, I will have to admit, aren’t exactly totally new pieces of work, but rather re-writes of previous material that never really saw the light of day, at least not in any form similar to the ones they now possess. I’ve submitted both of them to Jerome Kugan’s Poetika Malaysia project for possible inclusion in the upcoming issue.

Appearing in print would be a wonderful way to make my year, for sure.

Tengok lah macamana.

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