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did i ever tell you about the man who taught his asshole to talk?

Oh God, Naked Lunch is such a trip. Tee hee. It’s fucked up beyond any reasonable doubt, but in an awesome way.

I was at Art for Grabs at the CM Annexe today, and it was quite great. Bought two books at the KL Alternative Book Fair (Kasut Biru Rubina by Sufian Abas and a compilation of stories entitled Aweksku: Himpunan Cerita Pari-Pari Untuk Bidadari Kota [yes, I read stuff written in Bahasa too]) and a movie, Tan Chui Mui’s Love Conquers All (I’m a sucker for romantic stuff, what can I say?) at Art for Grabs.

Browsing through some of the books, particularly the compilations/anthologies of stories made me really want to see if I could somehow get published. But I guess that’ll come in due time. God knows I wouldn’t know how, anyway. And the photos at Art for Grabs honestly made me feel quite… inadequate, as a photographer. Maybe someday, somehow.

I bought a roll of Lucky b&w film, and instead of loading it up into my dad’s Olympus OM-1, decided to wait until my Minolta 3000i arrives from the US for a grand total of RM90-ish. The 3000i’s small, so I’ll be able to carry it and my A200 in my bag at the same time, probably. Yay for increased pretentiousness and faggotry.

Now, where the fuck do I get b&w film developed?

Watched (and enjoyed) some acoustic sets as well, which certainly a far cry from the live music I’m used to. Very enjoyable nonetheless, and I somehow was reminded of my age-old desire to be up on stage with an acoustic guitar, some pedals, a drum-machine ticking away and someone singing over my ever-cliche chords. Not that it’ll ever happen, since I don’t have an acoustic, don’t have a drum machine and certainly don’t know anyone that’d want to sing. And I’ve forgotten every song I ever wrote on an acoustic guitar and can’t write any more since I suck at writing. And I don’t have an acoustic guitar that I even feel like playing.

Time to buy one, I guess?

Two photos from today:



I need to learn the art of getting to know people. Because, frankly, if I didn’t have the Internet then I probably wouldn’t have any friends outside of uni. God’s truth. And that makes me feel pathetic.

Haha, funny how I can never have a good night.

  1. pang
    May 5, 2008 at 02:18

    Hey dude, I am one of the photographers at Art For Grabs (didn’t mean to make you feel inadequate), but if you wanna know where you can develop your black and white, you can contact me: 012 305 1135. cheers! – pang

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