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good vibrations

Oct 23, 2008 5 comments

Been a while since I’ve done any serious desktop customisation. New icons, new style (basically the colours from aMADme’s mcv copied into a blackbox style), new wallpaper (after weeks of staring at a wall of some sort of aqua-ish blue) and, yes, I finally figured out how to make bbDesktop icons that open the recycle bin and my computer. New menu setup, too.

Forgive me for the unchanged toolbar icons in Explorer. I don’t know where to find said icons (they’re not in shell32.dll, are they?). I prefer CubicExplorer, anyway. Haven’t gotten around to installing it yet.

Yeah, I quite like this setup. Will probably be sticking with this for a while. Pretty cute, no?

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i whisper into your ear, "there is no way i could express with words just how much you make me feel alive."

Dec 6, 2007 Leave a comment

The new SVN build of BBClean N.E.B. with glorious split gradients. Awesomeness.

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Nov 18, 2007 Leave a comment

Wallpaper: The Storm by k4pp4
Visual style: Decadence Visual Style by Nuance
Miranda IM: Catalyst by theconcept
Recycle bin icon from Decadence: Icons by fate0000
bbLean style: another dark style by, who else, myself.
gehrunnerjunge: something simple I cooked up.

I quite like this. Not too sure on the recycle bin icon, but I haven’t been able to find one that really fits.

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a collection of random thoughts.

Nov 4, 2007 Leave a comment

It seems that the quickest way to my heart is not through my stomach, as the oft-quoted saying goes. Nope. The quickest way to make me like (and, perhaps, even love) you is to have a musical taste that is similar to mine — any part of it, as long as you’re not some xenophobic indie elitist — and are the type of person that can talk for hours on end about music and bands. Yeah. Start talking about music and I instantly liven up. It happens when I get talking movies and books as well, but not to the same extent. Basically, I guess I exhibit traits of a ‘musical nerd’, or something of the sort.

I really should get myself some sort of portable audio player if I have the cash (not sure if I do… probably not), just because it’d make my numerous ‘sipping-a-drink-and-people-watching’ moments just that more entertaining. And, of course, it’d make things so much more fun to be able to let someone listen to the song when I go “hey, have you heard of so-and-so song/band?”

Yes. Fun.

My potential refresher course in the finer points of teenage infatuation seems to really only take place when I’m in close proximity with the object of my infatuation. Or, at least, whenever I happen to see her. Which would be alright if the carryover effect of seeing her (and me going all ‘El Scorcho’ on myself… kinda) didn’t last so fucking long. Oh well. At least I’m pretty sure we’re friends and all. Certainly better than going ga-ga over some girl who I only know the face of.

Or someone 800 kilometres away who you never really call and only communicate with via text messages, e-mails and IMs.

(hahahaha, damn, I wish that hadn’t happened, but well… what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger? pshhh, clichés)

My glasses are getting to be fucking irritating. Never liked this pair of frames (trying it out for 15 minutes didn’t really prepare me for wearing it day-in, day-out) and now, this irritating scratch pattern has suddenly emerged, which will go away when I wipe the lens with that microfibre cloth thingy but magically reappears moments later. Sometimes I notice it, sometimes I don’t, but things like that irritate me. A lot.

My life is a series of irritations, really. No major problems (no significant illnesses, no family problems, no relationship problems… yet), but I seem to have the market cornered on irritations.

My right nostril is nearly always blocked or half-blocked. My hearing in my right ear is greatly diminished. My right knee occasionally still hurts (an effect of the osteoarthritis, methinks). My glasses don’t sit very well on my face. The right side of my nose is red, slightly inflamed and hurts quite a bit. My left eardrum throbs/clicks in time with every keypress on this keyboard (and does so, much less noticeably, whenever I move the fingers on my left hand). That last point is slightly counteracted by loud-ish music, but that’s not exactly healthy either. I have this perpetual headache. Waking up on a slightly cool morning makes my nose run, and I will proceed to sneeze until it starts to warm up (maybe this runs in the family? A cousin of mine has it worse, kinda)

Probably some I’ve forgotten too.

Yeah, fun too.

I messed around with foobar2000 again today, and decided to go back to columns_ui. I don’t seem to be able to edit the title formatting/status bar while using it in fb2k 0.9.5, but just having the track title in the title bar seems fittingly minimal and strangely attractive. Plus, no pesky “[foobar 0.9.5. beta 2]” text! Ditched album art and facets and all that. Back to the look I had going before I decided to mess about with panels_ui and stuff. Minimal, but I like it that way.

Really borrows a lot from pepijnnuland’s “Mire v2 Foobar look and config“, namely the whole “capitalization-for-now-playing” thing and the whole minimal colours look. I’ve been trying to figure out how to (if it’s even possible) to have the artist look something like “——— La Quiete” for the first track in an album. My tagz/whatever is too fucking lame, so I’ll probably ask around on the hydrogenaudio forums for help.

That Moms on Strike demo is really fucking awesome, y’know. Instant love.

Speaking of them…

I am going going going going to try and not miss it! Wish me luck, *crosses fingers*, pray for me, etcetc. I’m still kinda miffed about not being able to go to the Devilica gig today. Oh well. *shrugs*

you are: eighteen year-old girl who live in small city of japan.

Oct 31, 2007 Leave a comment

Wallpaper is “Power Computing” by roberlan.

I like my new desktop. I think I managed to get things to fit together pretty well. Couldn’t find anywhere to use the red in the style, though. I don’t think it’d look all that great anyway, to be honest.

I ditched panels_ui yesterday too, and started using foobar2000 0.9.5’s new default ui, which is quite nice. The new “facets” media library browser-thingy is pretty nifty too. On the whole it’s just so much easier to customize, which is great. There’s also a scratchbox mode, which is made of win and awesome. Here’s how my foobar looks:

Me likes.

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[noun] is a(n) [adjective]

Oct 9, 2007 Leave a comment

Now here/nowhere?

New desktop. Me likes.

Linguistics exam tomorrow, English Proficiency 2 exam the day after. Should get some reading and research done, at least.

T-shirts purchased, probably going to be done on Wednesday. In time for Raya. Hopefully.

flag poles and elevators

Sep 22, 2007 Leave a comment

It only dawned on me today how convenient it is to be able to scarf down a meal virtually instantly after waking up. Unlike some (notably my brother, who made me realize this in the first place,) I don’t find it much of a problem. Even sleepiness doesn’t prove to be much of a hurdle. Of course, some may conclude that this is the main reason for my portly physique, but I feel that that’s not really the case. A factor, perhaps, but hardly the main reason.

Regardless, I find that I can wake up, shower and eat breakfast in about half the time it takes my brother (and a couple of cousins of mine) to. Invaluable when you find waking up early in the morning to be a troublesome affair. Gives me a couple of extra minutes to spend in bed, trying to get to my senses.

Now, perhaps they are the exceptions rather than me. I only just thought of that, you know. Since I have no way of telling however, I shall just keep on assuming it’s me that’s wierd. If there are any readers of this godforsaken blog, will you please enlighten me? It’d be nice to hear from other people regarding this issue.

(watch as no-one reads this/cares)

I’m typing this as the day breaks. I haven’t been up at this hour in a long time. Of course, I regularly awoke at this hour to get ready for school “back in the day”, but now that’s no longer needed. I don’t think I’ll ever have classes earlier than 8.30.

Is it just me, or is watching the outside world get progressively brighter mighty interesting? It’d be more fun if I was, say, living in the heart of town and I could see all the people starting off on their daily lives. As it is right now there’s not really much to see outside.

I really like people-watching.

Anyway, I’ve got a new desktop. The bbLean theme’s hardly original (based it on the nifty fruitandvege vs) but I like it. I also decided to start using panels_ui for fb2k, just because I wanted to see what it was like with a nice config and, well, I’m hooked. Fortunately for me this specific config supports “album artist” tags in the playlist (the couple I tried before didn’t), so all my VGM albums and splits don’t get listed under one artist/composer name. I abhor tagging all the tracks as being by, for instance, “Damezumari / Fire Team Charlie”. Ugh.

Wallpaper here. VS here. fb2k .pui here.

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