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I love how these turned out, I really do. Especially the second one. The clouds are wonderful, if I do say so myself, and the cross-processing really made both of these photos, I feel. Love the almost surreal-ness of both. Man, it’s rare that I gush about my own photos, but I do like both of these. A lot. Prints? Oh yes. Oh yes.



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doors open at 8 am



a light

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(n)om (n)om (n)om



I think it’s time I crossed a book or two off of my “to buy/to read” list. Maybe tomorrow. Yeah, tomorrow. Sure, KLCC will be a bit packed but I’m not driving so yeah, traffic won’t be a problem. I should look a bit harder, too, and find some nice city shots to capture on Velvia 100F that will be cross-processed. Trippy city shots, oh yeah.

I’ve been trying to turn quite nearly everyone I meet onto Grant Morrison’s run on Doom Patrol, but I haven’t really been successful. Haven’t encountered much success when it comes to All-Star Superman, either (even less, in fact). I don’t blame them, of course: just the mere mention of “comics” still brings to mind some particularly boring and by-the-numbers superhero tripe, so hesitation is understandable. Of course, it’s not like I’m any good at trying to turn people onto shit, so yeah.

cross purposes

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under construction


have a seat

I like cross-processing for one of the same reasons I like b&w photography, namely the… utter “wrong”-ness of it. We, as humans, generally do not visually see the world in just black and white, just as how we generally don’t see the world with hugely saturated colours and funky colour shifts, and that’s why I find myself drawn towards shooting b&w film and cross-processing slide film. Exceptions abound, obviously, but this is just generally speaking.

Or not. I’m dead tired and a bit hard of hearing right now.


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lemon pepper

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i lost my glasses


Only here, ladies and gentlemen: only here will you find cross-processed photos of apartment buldings and blurry, out-of-focus photos of Central Market in the same post.

monsoon sonata

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I am most probably going to be releasing a split with a friend of mine sometime soon-ish, and it’s going to be quite, quite noisy. He’s got the whole digital noise/manipulations thing going on, while I rock the guitar into delay (Ibanez DE7) into two distortion pedals (Zoom Tri-Metal and a Beta Aivin Heavy Metal HM-100) route. I think my material’s actually quite good, surprisingly! It’s probably going to be an Internet/netlabel release, but who knows, maybe in the future we’ll graduate to CDrs?

Speaking of gear, I do hope to add an octave or pitch shifter pedal to my setup within the year, but that depends. On money, mostly.

Man, I really want to perform live. Wish that friend of mine was still here in Malaysia (and not studying in Aussie) so that we’d be able to wreck people’s eardrums together. Oh well. Kinda regret selling my amp now, since I’d need an amp to perform live and, well, I don’t know anyone that I can borrow one from.

The zine/chapbook/book is coming along pretty fine, too, if anyone’s wondering. I’ve written some pretty good stories, I feel. Mostly long(er) ones, too, although they’re still pretty short by most standards. Length isn’t really important anyway, is it.