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t-shirt chronicles.

Dec 16, 2007 Leave a comment

Need to find myself some blank, girls size t-shirts for what is going to probably be the next batch of t-shirts to bear one of my . . . “designs”.

I was hanging out with a few friends after the exam today and, after a bit of talk about those horribly popular “I Love KL/JB/whatever” t-shirts, the idea came up to get some t-shirts made (partly as a sort of tongue-in-cheek parody) with the ultimate nerdy Bachelor of English student statement:

Yes, the sarcasm, it overflows.

I’m still messing about with the placement (and perhaps thinking of using some sort of splatter brush to break up the huge blob of red that is the heart a bit), but I’m sure that the final product will look something like that. There’ll probably be some text on the back of the t-shirt as well. Something along the lines of “this t-shirt is syntactically, semantically and pragmatically CORRECT.”

Now that would probably truly catapault it into the realms of self-parody.

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the poem for everyone’s souls

Oct 24, 2007 Leave a comment

I still haven’t gotten around to writing an entry about what I did during my week-long Raya break, which is what I shall now do. Come to think of it, I don’t really need a whole entry to do so. I mean, all I did was lounge around, read Emily Brontë’s “Wuthering Heights” (which I found enjoyable, although it is by no means a “light” read; more on that later, I guess), eat quite a lot and play some Pro Evo (mandatory, of course). I also managed to get myself some posters to adorn my naked walls. I’m not entirely sure why I bought a Final Fantasy XII poster even though I don’t really like it (well, not the characters) and haven’t played it much, but what-the-fuck-ever. 3 for RM10, I couldn’t help myself!

(yes, bootleg posters. quality’s quite good regardless though)

I am by no means a festive person, so I didn’t really do the whole “meet-and-greet” and visiting friends/relatives thing. Some people just don’t get that, but that’s just me. I don’t know what to say about that, really.

About “Wuthering Heights”, well, I thought that it was a good novel. The (somewhat complicated) story and narrative was handled quite well, and the characters felt really quite “real” and each of them had something that I disliked in them. For some that might not be a good thing, but for me it is: I think it helps ground the novel in reality. The dislike I felt for the characters was of a much more “human” dislike, that of irritating habits and manners as opposed to that dislike of evil and the “enemy” that is much more common in novels and movies.

I feel that the whole “Heathcliff taking revenge” thing is handled in a nice way. Instead of it being some sort of triumphant, cathartic payback for the once-maligned character (a revenge is sometimes portrayed), in this case it is more of a spiteful, slow, vicious wearing down of his old tormentors, like stabbing a person in the back and twisting the knife slowly. Which, again, may be a serious negative point for some, but I liked it.

And just for the record, I really disliked both Catherines. More than Heathcliff or Hindley or whomever.

Anyway, that’s that I guess. On to present issues.

I have a cough. A pretty bad one. Not fun, and I prognosticate (haha!) a fever coming along soon. Hopefully I’ll be able to sit for my quiz-cum-midterm exams on Friday and Saturday without much trouble. Hopefully.

I’ve also started playing Persona 3 again, and I’m making some (slow) progress through the story. In the interests of not spoiling the story too much* for anyone reading this, I’ll only mention that I’m just past the whole part where two of the party members’ Personas were “upgraded”/”awakened”/whatever. Good voice acting and script. Yes. I’m going to try and finish it sometime soon, because I want to start playing FFXII again, and I don’t think I can/want to handle 2 RPGs at the same time.

It’s also made me listen to much more Shoji Meguro than I’d imagine myself listening to — the P3 soundtrack is ace.

Got more designs too. Nothing original this time, though. I really like them, particularly the Battle Royale one, and will probably ask my screenprinting friend to print it on a t-shirt.

I’m not too sure about the colours for the Scarface one, maybe it’d look nice as white on black instead? I’ll play around with it. The text in the House of 1000 Corpses image is a bit screwy, I’ll have a mess about it and try to fix it. I have to say, though, that yellow on black looks good.

*still spoils things, but well, what can ya do?

they say that teenagers scare the living shit outta me

Oct 21, 2007 Leave a comment

My computer’s in the shop again and I’m probably only going to get it back on Monday at the earliest. I’m missing it very much, for sure. That’s to be expected, of course. And I was just getting into some sort of a creative groove, too. Ah well. I’ll be able to resume soon enough, I hope.

I came up with 3 more wallpapers before I sent my computer to the shop, and I’ve decided to put up one of them, because, well, just because.

Yeah, it’s one of those “pattern backgrounds with image somewhere in the wallpaper” wallpapers, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t look pretty fucking awesome. Background pattern is from The Inspiration Gallery, the photo is Girl with the Tool by _cr_, polaroid-ed via rawimage‘s Polaroid Generator PS action files.

The other two don’t feature photos licenced under Creative Commons licences, so I’ll probably be keeping them strictly for personal use. Which is probably some sort of copyright violation in itself, come to think of it.

In other, semi-related news, I spent a good part of Thursday night messing about with colour combinations for t-shirts, showing them off to a friend of mine who offered her opinions as well in regards to the colours. I still need to see what colour t-shirts are available, but these following combinations look pretty tasty:

Somewhat typical, but brown on pink is just so awesome. Also, that teal looked much more like dark blue on my monitor…

Got a couple more ideas, but can’t do much until I get my computer back. =(

burn my dread

Oct 18, 2007 Leave a comment

I’ve been in some sort of inspired mood recently, perhaps in part due to the week-long absence from sitting in front of my computer wasting away. Managed to come up with two new potential t-shirt designs (of the image + caption variety) as well as two wallpapers, which I guess fall into the “vector wallpapers” style. Nothing groundbreaking.

Nearly everything in this one is from innovativebliss’ City Vectors brush set for Photoshop, with the exception of the line brush in the background, which is from PhysicalMagic’s Vector Line Brushes 2 set.

Really simple, this one. Another brush from the aforementioned Vector Line Brushes 2 set, as well as a vectorized image of Ken performing a hadouken. Simple, but it works, so hey.

The next two are the t-shirt designs I came up with. Very simple fare, because frankly this kind of stuff is the only stuff I can really come up with (never was talented at “proper” designing, mind you).

I really like the first one. Really. I’m thinking that red on black would look nice. Or white on black. Or black on light blue (for the second one, particularly). I’ll figure it out once/if they’ll end up becoming proper t-shirts.

Anyone interested in t-shirts featuring either two of these designs or the “This is not a Green Day t-shirt” one I made up earlier?

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this is NOT a green day t-shirt.

Oct 1, 2007 1 comment

I reckon this’d make a nice t-shirt. The grenade in red and the text in white on a black t-shirt. I came up with the idea when I did a Google image search for “grenade” and got some Green Day t-shirt images along with the other, useful, results.

No offence meant to any Green Day fans out there…. although I do have one thing to say, if any of you happen to be reading this (God knows how that’d happen, but yeah):


(forgive me for that)

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with man gone, will there be hope for gorilla?

Sep 19, 2007 Leave a comment

I’ve been toying with the idea of putting some Toni! This Is Sal! t-shirts out. Not a lot… probably very few, in fact. Unless I get some concrete, confirmed orders of course. I never managed to send out even one CD-R, y’know. Might just bring some over to the Ricecooker Shop and see if they end up selling. Small chance of that happening.

I’m contemplating either one of the following designs for the t-shirt (if it ever happens, that is):

I quite like both, to be honest. The first one looks somehow better, but the second one would probably really grab some attention. Of course, there’s also the Gerogerigegegege-inspired Darkthrone ripoff logo:

Ahahaha. It’s too small though (couldn’t find any large images of the Darkthrone logo), so I’d probably have to vectorize it in Inkscape and stuff, but I’d lose some detail. Most people wouldn’t “get” it though, which is kind of a shame.

Mind you, none of this is even in the planning phase yet. Just an idea, although I do have two people who’d be interested in a T!TIS! t-shirt. Ah, we’ll see. Maybe I’ll take some orders from overseas too, although.. shipping.. aaaugh.

Haven’t made any music in a while. I should start working on some tracks, mess around, see what comes up. The problem with my approach to electronic music, though, is that it’s very rigid and doesn’t lend itself well to just random messing about to see what sounds good. Well, not really.

Perhaps that’s a common problem for most electronic music?

I also swung by the Ricecooker Shop today and bought Graf Orlock’s “Destination Time Yesterday” CD. It’s pretty nice. Kinda technical, but not overly so. They remind me a bit of Killwhitneydead, primarily due to their heavy usage of movie samples. I really like the design of the booklet and stuff as well. Good quality, as you’d probably expect from Level Plane, eh.

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