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flag poles and elevators

It only dawned on me today how convenient it is to be able to scarf down a meal virtually instantly after waking up. Unlike some (notably my brother, who made me realize this in the first place,) I don’t find it much of a problem. Even sleepiness doesn’t prove to be much of a hurdle. Of course, some may conclude that this is the main reason for my portly physique, but I feel that that’s not really the case. A factor, perhaps, but hardly the main reason.

Regardless, I find that I can wake up, shower and eat breakfast in about half the time it takes my brother (and a couple of cousins of mine) to. Invaluable when you find waking up early in the morning to be a troublesome affair. Gives me a couple of extra minutes to spend in bed, trying to get to my senses.

Now, perhaps they are the exceptions rather than me. I only just thought of that, you know. Since I have no way of telling however, I shall just keep on assuming it’s me that’s wierd. If there are any readers of this godforsaken blog, will you please enlighten me? It’d be nice to hear from other people regarding this issue.

(watch as no-one reads this/cares)

I’m typing this as the day breaks. I haven’t been up at this hour in a long time. Of course, I regularly awoke at this hour to get ready for school “back in the day”, but now that’s no longer needed. I don’t think I’ll ever have classes earlier than 8.30.

Is it just me, or is watching the outside world get progressively brighter mighty interesting? It’d be more fun if I was, say, living in the heart of town and I could see all the people starting off on their daily lives. As it is right now there’s not really much to see outside.

I really like people-watching.

Anyway, I’ve got a new desktop. The bbLean theme’s hardly original (based it on the nifty fruitandvege vs) but I like it. I also decided to start using panels_ui for fb2k, just because I wanted to see what it was like with a nice config and, well, I’m hooked. Fortunately for me this specific config supports “album artist” tags in the playlist (the couple I tried before didn’t), so all my VGM albums and splits don’t get listed under one artist/composer name. I abhor tagging all the tracks as being by, for instance, “Damezumari / Fire Team Charlie”. Ugh.

Wallpaper here. VS here. fb2k .pui here.

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