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the girl in the slayer jacket.

Drop shadows make me feel all sexy inside, yes. Now that there’s a new variant of bblean (or bbclean, whatever) that has drop shadow support for the menus, the only thing that I think is still needed is a mod for the leanbar that adds drop shadows to it. Some people just photoshop the wallpaper, but since I have my leanbar set to auto-hide (a recent change) it wouldn’t really work, would it?

Yup, I’m a sucker for eye candy.

Life hasn’t been all that good for me so far. Technically though, it’s not life that’s the problem, but rather I’m my own huge problem. Over the past few weeks I’ve been really depressed and apathetic during the day and quite contented and neutral at night, which leads me to stay awake as much as possible at night due to the simple fact that I like to feel content and relaxed… something I’m pretty sure other people like as well.

I don’t exactly know why I feel so crappy during the day, but I presume it has something to do with not having anything to do. Today I knew I wanted to start burning my Toni! This Is Sal! CDrs and stuff, but all I did instead was mope around and, eventually, sleep for about 4 hours (from 5.30-ish to around 9.30-ish). After a slightly late dinner and a co-op game of Splinter Cell: Double Agent with my brother though, I suddenly felt like I wanted to do everything, and I promptly started uploading some stuff to a friend’s FTP, burning the aforementioned CDrs and actually feeling, you know… good?

It’s a fucking mystery, I tell ya.

Toni! This Is Sal! CDr, you ask? Why yeeees. I’m self-releasing a batch of 20 (maybe 25?) CDrs which comprise my first and second ‘Net-releases (first is a 6-track album, second is a 4-track EP) as well as one extra unreleased noise track. Gonna be hand-numbered and stuff as well. I don’t know if I can even find 20 people to buy a copy, heh. Limited-edition ultra low-budget CDrs are the epitome of kvlt, I tell you.

Played a lot of Cave Story recently, and I’m at the final dungeon (“final cave”, what an original name). It’s a bit of a toughie, but I’m sure I’ll get past it eventually. At the very least, it’d be something to feel good about. Perhaps it’s going to be my most significant accomplishment in a long while.

Such a wonderful game. The graphics are quite charming in that fuzzy old-school sort of way (even though I was never a child of the 8/16-bit videogame era), the story is good and the levels are excellently designed. It’s probably the only side-scrolling action-adventure game I’ve played a lot of, aside from probably the Metal Gear games, which are also fucking awesome in a different kind of way.

The “Outer Wall” area is probably my favourite of them all. So… beautiful. Nice music, too. Reminded me a lot of Knytt, except with music and combat.

(Also, Knytt is another nice game. Good for spending a couple of hours just jumping around and simply enjoying the sights. Feels like Shadow of the Colossus and, probably Ico too, but I’ve never played the latter. Sadly.)

My band’s future is looking a bit bleaker due to our vocalist’s job commitments making regular weekly jam sessions an impossibility. Even monthly jam sessions may be a bit of a problem too. Lots of time for rust to build up between sessions, yeah. Add that to the fact that I’m still finding myself attracted to playing various genres of music without being able to actually decide on one (or craft songs that are a nice fusion of the aformentioned genres) and you have a recipe for confusion.

Felt good to write again. Maybe I’ll write some more soon.



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