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this beat will fade, just like a memory.

Yes, new desktop once again. The previous one lasted about a week. Perhaps less.

I decided to go really simple and minimal this time around. No leanskinning, no Miranda skin and no more album art/band images in my fb2k. The album list’s been promoted (?) once more to its own window instead of having to share space with the playlist and aforementioned image panel. I think it looks better this way. Really simple and minimal. I was using a .3dcc with the classic Windows theme before, but I stumbled upon the Minimal Classic VS by static-slack and decided to use it instead, primarily for the buttons.

Still need to figure out a menu setup that I really like, though. Need to find out if there’s some way to get rid of the arrows aside from making them the same colour as the background.

It’s quite refreshing to have a plain wallpaper and the old-school boxy look of the classic Windows VS, especially after using blackbox for such a long time. Makes me feel slightly nostalgic, even. There’s something about “plain and boxy” that appeals to me, I guess. Much like how “pixelated and 2d” appeals to me as well.

Speaking of pixelated, I still haven’t managed to finish Cave Story. Fighting Misery ain’t that tough, but not being able to at least re-fill my health before I take on the Doctor makes the battle with him a bit harder. Not to mention I still can’t seem to dodge his (on paper, easily-dodgable) boucning shots with any regularity. Hrm. Must try more. And harder.

Got a hold of MAME and Metal Slugs 1 though to 6 (as well as X) from my brother just tonight, and I forsee myself playing a lot in the coming days. Perhaps won’t last me through my upcoming holidays, but hey, anything fun and simple to help me pass the time is greatly appreciated. I remeber playing some of the games (particularly Metal Slug 2) when I was younger, although how I played them on my computer I can’t really remember. I think I got some sort of Neo-Geo emulator/rom package from a friend or something. Not sure.

I also downloaded Skulltag and played a game or two with bots. It’s quite fun. Internet’s too fucking slow for me to get any sort of decent speeds playing online, so I’ll wait until the Internet gets back to normal (if it gets back to normal, mind you.. grrr) before I jump into an online game (and, probably, get my ass handed to me). Doom meets Quake 3: Arena, perhaps?

Played a bit of Fire Pro Returns today too. Haven’t played it in a while. I suck at it now, although, honestly, I was never much good at it anyway.

I like how I’m playing a lot of games when I should be studying for my exam this Friday.

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