modern art makes me want to rock out

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From Design for Mankind.

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this is awesome

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If I was any good with electronics I’d probably make this in a heartbeat. If I wasn’t so attached to my (dead) Dreamcast, that is. Man.

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owen ashworth knows what’s up

Apr 12, 2009 2 comments

I can’t even write a post about her.

‘Cos she reads my blog. Yeah, she reads my blog.

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I love how these turned out, I really do. Especially the second one. The clouds are wonderful, if I do say so myself, and the cross-processing really made both of these photos, I feel. Love the almost surreal-ness of both. Man, it’s rare that I gush about my own photos, but I do like both of these. A lot. Prints? Oh yes. Oh yes.


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doors open at 8 am



tuhan punya mata

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Got this today. I’m quite liking it so far. I can use it in pretty conventional ways with my Ibanez DE7 (I love the light-sensitive photo eye and how I can use it to make the delay feedback + volume swell to obscene levels) or to turn either of my distortion pedals into oscillating, fuzz-esque annoyances, complete with the requisite videogame sounds. And I haven’t even tried making noise with it.

I’ve been really enjoying listening/watching video demos of some of Devi Ever’s fuzzes. I forsee one entering my life… someday. Damn.

Based on my taste in pedals you wouldn’t expect me to be playing an Ibanez with EMGs, but I do. Relic from my more… metal days. I really like the guitar, I do, but yeah.

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i’ll probably never be able to use this stuff in a band context

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But I WANT, regardless.

These might be pretty sick for noise work, though. But yeah, the TBD costs… RM850-ish and, well, that’s expensive. Really expensive. I-wouldn’t-pay-that-much-for-a-guitar-pedal expensive.

I’d get a feedback loop of some sort first. Which reminds me, there’s this Devi Ever Eye of God up for sale…

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