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This is, as far as I can recall, the first ever post I’ve made on this (or any) blog at a cybercafe. And the only reason I’m typing this at a cybercafe instead of at home is because, yeah, exams are over and I’ve been indulging in my growing CoD4 addiction with a couple of friends. Today’s been the best gaming so far, since we’ve managed to play quite a lot with 6 people instead of the usual 4. It’s also been good because I’ve been pretty much owning my buds, although that might have more to do with their lack of ability rather than any sort of real talent on my part.

Exams are over and I feel good about it. Very good. We all do, I assume. It’s, I guess, a mix of both having gotten both Syntax papers out of the way and of having finished the bloody exams. The relief is evident, I guess, due to the fact that people have been making comments about how I’ve been looking particularly happy and/or relieved. And who am I to argue? I am, pretty much. Relieved I am. I’m still not totally in the holiday mood, but hey, they only officially start tomorrow so yea.

I don’t think I’ve celebrated the end of exams like this, ever. Many, many hours of CoD4, dinner at Williams, etcetc. Usually everyone just goes their separate ways, but I don’t know why it’s been kinda different this time. If I hadn’t proposed the idea of playing a few games of CoD4 last Monday, though, things might be very, very different. As it is, we’re all addicted to CoD4, and it shows. Two three-hour sessions a day? Oh yes, pretty much addicted for sure. Sure, I can play at home, but it’s not as fun as, y’know, playing at a cybercafe with friends. The gaming is about the same, but the social element is a bit different. And I enjoy the social element.

I’m finding the widescreen monitor here at this cybercafe really . . . interesting, for lack of a better term. I almost think I want one. Almost.

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