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Mostly music/musical exploits-related entry, because there’s quite a bit of it to write about this time around, surprisingly. That, and because I really can’t be bothered either writing about the major, major problem that’s been haunting/hantuing me lately or ranting/complaining about something silly I saw on the ‘Net/read in he news/heard on tv/saw someone do/etcetc. So, yes. Music.

I’m probably going to postpone getting my collection of short stories printed due to the fact that I’m playing two gigs soon, on the 1st and 2nd of May, with two totally different bands. One band is pretty much new, although it consists of people I’m used to playing with. Playing at a friend’s birthday party-cum-jam session, and we’re planning to bash out some Misfits/Ramones covers. And then xLumbrahx are most probably hitting the stage at Gudang Noisy again on the 2nd, and we haven’t played together since October last year. I’m trying to see if we can add a few more songs to our setlist, one original and two covers, both of which are pretty short and fast.

I was also planning to get some small gear for my noise project (more on that later), but it’ll have to wait until after the 2nd of May to survey the damage, so to say, and start budgeting for both said gear and the aforementioned printing. I could get the gear now, yeah, but then that might leave me with not enough money to pay for my share of rehearsal time/other band-related expenses, and while I have a feeling my bandmates would be willing to pitch in, I’m not too keen on that. Makes me feel a bit uncomfortable, knowing that I myself made the choice to spend my money. If I were forced to spend the money, though, it wouldn’t bother me as much, yeah. But I still wouldn’t be keen on it.

I took my/my brother’s/our acoustic guitar out this morning to class. ‘Twas the somewhat-traditional last-class-of-the-semester potluck thingy and I decided that, what with my cough and slightly sore throat, it’d be a great time to provide some entertainment. I shall have some photos and video up soon, I hope, but basically imagine a hairy fat bloke who can’t really sing in a Pig Destroyer t-shirt and shorts with a pair of oh-so-large sunglasses (y’know, the kind girls wear… and no, they weren’t mine) running through some Weezer covers with a friend before launching into two fully-improvised songs, one about a classmate and one about his lecturer. I felt cool, man. Really cool. Appreciated the applause and praise too. Greatly. Man, I haven’t gotten any of that in a long time, especially applause that didn’t come off as people just trying to be polite.

And, oh, that noise project. As most of you don’t know at all (and, for those of you that do: have you been stalking my Facebook activity recently? Damn), I’ve started to really get into this whole “noise” thing, and have somewhat-officially decided to put Toni! This Is Sal! on a bit of a hiatus to focus on this project, tentatively named mahathirXmohamad. Yeah, mahathirXmohamad. Or any other possible permutations in regards to the capitalisation. Maybe mahathirxmohamad. Yeah.

A split with a friend is going to be released eventually, probably on a Netlabel of some sort, with some of my earlier experiments in noise with my guitar as a soundsource. Over the span of just a few weeks I’ve somewhat transitioned into creating lots of that harsh noise wall stuff akin to, say, The Rita and Werewolf Jerusalem. I didn’t set out to ape them or anything, it just . . . happened. Even before I’d listened to either of the two acts. I’m rocking the ever-cliche setup of a shaker box (not even a metal box!) and some pedals (delay + distortion). Thinking of another distortion, maybe another delay, and deffo an EQ or some sort. Me wants a cheap DOD/Digitech Death Metal.

Thinking of getting a second pedal chain going as well, namely some sort of white noise/static generator (a pocket radio or whatever, probably?) into a distortion and maybe an EQ or something, dunno yet. If I do find the cash to build up that second chain I’ll probably keep it simple, as I’m thinking that it’ll serve more as additional flavour, as well as a sound to kinda fall back on during moments when I feel like cutting out the shaker box action for a while and “lightening up.” Ha. Ha.

Which means I need a mixer. God, all this to make a form of sound that will probably never make me any money? Oh so very me!

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