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I, in part, caused a friend to be fined RM200 yesterday. He has shitty neighbours. Fuck them. But we had fun, and that’s great. Improvised grindcore assaults for the win.

Certain events yesterday also reminded me of how small this world actually is. And also that, no matter how hard I try, it’s impossible for me to get to know someone that no-one else I know knows. Quite literally every friend/acquaintance I make and I always have at least two mutual friends/acquaintances. It’s getting a bit silly now, if I may be honest.

I’ve closed the book, so to speak, on new material for the book/short story collection/zine/chapbook and am now working on the sequencing of stories as well as, of course, editing and proofreading. I might need some help with that, anyone up for some proofreading?

There’s a faint possibility that I’ll eventually be releasing another collection of stories this year, although if it does happen it might be a split with this other bloke. We’ll see how it goes. We seem to share a love of absurdity and boldfaced lies.

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