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Basically that’s all the shit I have yet to shoot, as well as two stray rolls of Kodak Gold 200 that I bought ages ago but never shot (I… don’t like it, if I may be honest). Nothing special, but I did get those 5 rolls of TMax for RM60, which is a damn sight cheaper than the place I usually get my Kodak b&w film at (Central Photo, I think, at Central Market). Sure, I had to wait for the stuff to arrive, but well, I saved RM30 or so and that’s a good thing. It’s not like I shoot fast enough to deplete my film stocks either. I admit, TMax might not be the best choice, but I kinda needed b&w film and it was cheap (relatively) so I went for it.

Next time my friend is in Singapore I might see about getting some 800-speed colour film. You know, for those times. Or maybe some TMax in 120 format. Or both!

And I got that pack of 160s for RM55 instead of the RM64 written on the box. Four rolls still left inside, one roll is in the Pentax 645 which I’m not entirely keen on. Maybe I’ll whack a roll into a Holga and mess about with it. Hey, as long as I ain’t paying Lomo Society money for one I’ll gladly use a Holga! What I want, though, is a TLR. Ohyeah.

Might be splashing some cash on a some expired slide film within the next few weeks, too. Which means I’ll eventually have enough film to last me quite a while, if I keep shooting as little/slowly as I have been lately… I loaded my OM-1 with Tri-X 2 or 3 weeks ago and I’m less than halfway through. Damn.

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