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I’ve been on a pretty huge grind/PV/fastcore/whatever kick lately. You know, stuff like Despise You, Infest, Secret Seven, Real Reggae, Crossed Out, MITB, Archagathus, Discordance Axis, etcetc. I’m a simple man to please: give me fast tempos, grown men (and women, occasionally) screaming/growling their guts out over plenty of ’em blastbeats and more often than not I’ll enjoy it plenty.

I actually wanted to share a very nice—and totally un-PV/grind/fastcore—song with you guys, one that I find pretty bloody cute, but it’s not on YouTube and at the moment I’m a bit too lazy to put it up on some filesharing service, so that will have to wait. It’s BlackBlack’s “I Wish I Were a Scientist,” though, if anyone’s curious. If you’ve heard the song you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say it’s cute.

In place of said song, I shall—predictably, perhaps?—post some photos.


family (or is it)

another one?


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