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medium format ahoy


abbey road?

Pentax 645, SMC Pentax-A 75mm f/2.8, Fuji Pro 160S.

Yeah, I really need to get myself a film scanner. Sure, it might be a large-ish amount to blow all at once, but it’ll pay for itself eventually. And besides, the satisfaction of having control over the scanning is worth its weight in ringgit notes. Oh yes, definitely.

I don’t feel like going to class tomorrow. It’s going to be a long fucking day and last thing I need is syntax class at 8.30 in the fucking morning. But oh well. I could do worse than load up my Zen with shitloads of noise and then proceed to deafen myself with the sweet, sweet sounds of John Wiese or whoever.

Also, video footage of Goh Lee Kwang’s concert last night:

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