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no girlfriend, no car, not handsome

But I have a band, and we’re going to release an EP!

Yes, us not-so-handsome blokes of xLumbrahx have finally gotten the tracks for our EP mixed and mastered, and now all that’s left is the designing and the actual process of producing the CDs. Admittedly we should’ve done the designing bit a bit earlier, but hey, we aren’t exactly a set of organised blokes. Besides, it’s not like we managed to sit down and actually discuss that shit, you know? This is the first time we’ve actually managed to sit down and talk as a band (sans bassist, of course, who’s jobless in Muar) in at least two months.

There’s no pencilled-in release date for the five-track EP but we’re going to try and put it out around late February/early March. If everything goes according to plan and there aren’t any unforseen problems it should be do-able. We still need to find out exact prices for printing/CD duplication/etc though, but I think I speak for the band when I say that it’s not about making a profit. As long as we can muster up enough cash to record some more stuff (or maybe put out some t-shirts) then it’s all good.

Meng at Standingwave (Standing Wave?) did a sterling job on the mixing/mastering. No shit. The man’s pretty bloody good at what he does, I have to say.

Now what the fuck are we going to put on the cover?

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