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dark rye bread

boxed office

self-defence workshop



food not bombs

I’m out of b&w photos for now… will return to the world of colour for a while with my next uploads/photo posts. I do, however, have a roll of b&w film (well, chromogenic and “not truly b&w” b&w film, but b&w nonetheless) that I shall probably be able to finish up soon. Knowing me and my penchant for b&w, though, I might just skip the three rolls of colour photos I have and upload photos from that roll. Haha. I’m in love with b&w film, won’t lie. I just need to figure out where to get my Neopan 400 fix.

Next post will contain some sort of prose, maybe. If I can find the motivation to write, that is, and do something aside from just lazing around doing nothing and atrophying mentally.

Class tomorrow. I am fucking tired.

  1. Jan 11, 2009 at 23:25

    *hands in the air n shouts* i wan prose,prose,prose =P haha..dh lama gak x baca prose dr u.hehe.n yes,B&W = beautiful =D get lots of rest ya.c u around uni!

  2. ikmy'z
    Jan 13, 2009 at 19:43

    I like this entry…the pics so lawa…class??what class….ngeh

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