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one way doors

Eat your lo-fi loving hearts out, people. This is probably the photographic equivalent of a low-budget, bedroom-recorded raw black metal record, although one that, if I say so myself, has some resepectably above-average moments. If I get a proper film scanner I’ll re-scan the negatives since their sheer fogginess resulted in the bloke at the photo lab messing up some frames.

Olympus XA, expired (as fuck: expired in ’85) Kodak Pan-X 125 shot at 160 (I think) and pushed to 200, an itchy shutter finger and some modicum of talent.

  1. Dec 30, 2008 at 23:40

    hey, still remember me? Is this from “the” Pan-X? I haven’t shot mine yet They are foggy and I noticed splotches on some frame, is it because the film was expired? or was it bad scanning or developing?

    Good day! Keep on writing.

  2. Dec 30, 2008 at 23:51

    Yupp, it’s “the” Pan-X. I probably should have just shot the film at 80 or something, the fogginess was probably made worse by the pushing. The splotches, well… I dunno. Probably the developing.

    Got lots of photos from my roll of Neopan to upload… those are good. Very good. But taktau mana nak cari Neopan 400 dah, the shop I usually get them from is out.

    But I might be getting in touch with someone who sells film at wholesale prices… if he can get me some Neopan (or anything, really) at slightly reduced prices it’d be pretty awesome, no? Hehe.

  3. Dec 31, 2008 at 00:04

    Sounds great. I’ll wait for the Neopan pics :).

    Kalau anda dapat Neopan itu dengan jumlah yang banyak, boleh lah anda menjual satu atau dua gulung kepada saya. hahaha.

  4. Dec 31, 2008 at 00:22

    Hahaha, jual banyak pun boleh.

    By the way, the kedai Kodak (to the left just after you enter, kinda) at Central Market ada jual BW400CN. And nearly every other Kodak b&w film. Macam mahal je, but I bought one roll of BW400CN haritu. Nak try. Hehe.

    I saw Pan-X, Tri-X and T-Max. Next time nak tengok kalau ada any fast film… what can I say, I like my grain.

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