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things i don’t have

I don’t really have any sort of life to live.

I don’t have a girlfriend—or boyfriend—to love.

I don’t have a god I feel like pleasing.

I don’t have any bandmates to play with, because they’re all busy doing… other things. Like enjoying the holidays, or working their asses off, or texting people and asking for porn.

And, after my somewhat extravagant spending, neither do I have any money with which to buy things.

(That Darkthrone “Preparing for War” 2xCD + DVD set at the Ricecooker shall, sadly, have to wait. Hope no-one gets to it before I do. Yes, yes, I am one of those fags that goes “oh shit Darkthrone” and nearly creams his pants about, well… very nearly anything by Darkthrone. Fag.)

(Honestly though, it’s the DVD. I want that DVD.)

But I do have a computer. And a broadband Internet connection (or what passes for one in this godforsaken country). And a brother who is some sort of Top Gear freak.

And a decent amount of porn.

And, thus, I indulge in the two great bastions of manlihood and loserhood: Sitting in front of my computer, half naked, watching pornography, with one of my arms engaging in some sort of exercise; and—only slightly less pathetic, mind you—sitting half naked in front of my computer, with a bag of consumables (a.k.a. horribly unhealthy and completely addictive very-nearly-junk food), watching Top Gear.

Of course I sneak in the odd movie or two, and a bit of reading, and maybe a bit of gaming, but, mostly, that’s that.

What a life, eh?

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