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dearch and sestroy

I always have a bit of fun looking at the searches that lead to this blog. While I haven’t been keeping track, there have been some very odd and/or funny search terms that’ve led to this blog in the past. But since I can’t remember them, I’m not going to talk about them at all. There’s no point; I’d most probably end up making stuff up in an effort to add content as well as increase the funny. So I won’t.

What I will do, however, is let you readers in on some of the search terms (on Google, I think) that have led to this blog recently, according to WordPress (which is really some sort of heaven for stat-obsessed wierdos, compared to Blogspot):

  • “harakiri”
  • “fuck lomo”
  • “filem for dracula”
  • “aku sebuah telefon bimbit”
  • “shitsurakuen jobafuku onna harakiri download”

I don’t understand how many pages one would have to skim through in order to stumble upon my blog with the search term “harakiri,” as I’ve only used the word in one entry (well, ok, two, if you include this one). Must be quite a lot.

“Fuck lomo,” is, of course, totally understandable. This entry of mine is on the first page of results for this particular search, and if you look at the post title and it’s contents I’m sure you’ll be able to understand why.


At first, I couldn’t figure out how “filem for dracula” could lead to my blog, and I looked through a handful of pages of results and didn’t find my blog anywhere, but then I went back to the first page and clicked the “English results only” link and, voila, this popped up. There’s the word “filem,” and there’s the word “Dracula,” and that’s that. Even though it’s got nothing to do with the actual search term.

“Aku sebuah telefon bimbit” is interesting, although perhaps only because of the many autobiographical stories that pop up about, yes, aku being a telefon bimbit. I honestly never liked such autobiographical stories/essays, and they always remind me of the horror of Bahasa classes back in primary and early secondary school. If one searches for English results only, then my blog is on the first page of results (the main page, not a specific entry), but if you let Google search for pages in Bahasa (and whatever other language) as well, then this post is on the first page of results. The four words in the search term appear quite often in that particular entry, so it’s understandable.

And the last one, “shitsurakuen jobafuku onna harakiri download” is, well, the most interesting one. It’s probably one of the mainstays in terms of search results that lead to this blog, since I can’t think of a time when some variation of it wasn’t one of the search terms. One of my earliest entries on WordPress was this one, and I guess the fact that there seems to be only one page of results has resulted in this post being quite popular. It is, too: most probably the most popular one on this blog. The problem is, though, that my post doesn’t contain a download link, which, I am sure, has left many people dissapointed.

BUT, fret not, fellow sleaze-lovers, for I will provide a link to a blog post where you can, yes, get the movie. I didn’t check if the links are still up, but you could ask for a re-upload, I guess. Clicky clicky!

You can tell I’m woefully bored, can’t you?

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