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the most pathetic argument

Is when you use a lack of knowledge of something as proof of the existence of something else that created that particular something.

Which is really just a roundabout way of saying that the most pathetic argument is when people try to prove that god exists (which they will never succeed at, regardless of whether ‘ol beardy exists or not) with the simple, tried-and-tested-and-never-going-to-convince-anyone argument of “how else? How else could this all have happened? How else could this all have come to pass?”

Honestly, that’s like saying Criss Angel must be some sort of occult practicioner because, yeah, how else can he do what he does?

Honestly it pains me to see people use that same argument over and over without knowing how pathetic it makes them look. I feel sorry for them, almost, since if that’s all they ever come up with then they will never, ever win an argument, or any sort of reasonable debate.

Of course, one could argue that any sort of discussion about religion will never be reasonable because everyone’s so preoccupied with whatever it is that they believe in and will never open themselves up to anyone else’s viewpoints. Which would be, of course, totally and utterly accurate. Honestly there’s often no point: the few people who will pay attention (or, at least, attempt to) to both sides’ arguments and who actually have some sort of level head on their shoulders are invariably drowned out by your hardcore religious folks and your hardcore atheists and your hardcore pornstars.

Hands up how many of you turn to god and religion just because you don’t want to face the prospect of death? Just so that there’s a higher plane, a better place to go to, once you die? Just so that you don’t have to consider the possibility of things just ending, right there and then, once the plug is pulled?

Thought so. You know what you people are, right? I don’t have to say it, do I?

And you do know how Criss Angel does what he does, right?

Camera tricks, folks. Camera tricks.

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