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troubling times

Why do we have to respect stupidity? Why do we, as intelligent beings blessed/cursed with the ability to think, have to treat everyone and their opinions, no matter how stupid or inaccurate, like we treat children in special needs schools? Why are we expected to respect someone’s opinions even if we totally disagree with them? Why are we expected to respect idiots and the shit they spew? Why?

Is this “decency” and “tolerance” in action? Is this what the human race is heading towards? A world where everyone’s opinions have to be respected and no, you can’t say a word against anyone because that would be bad and, as everyone’s mother once told them, if you haven’t got anything good to say about a person then don’t say a word!

You know what? That piece of advice, to not say anything if you’ve got nothing good to say about a person, is probably one of the worst and downright stupidest things ever. Why not? Why not say what you think? Why not let someone know that they’re a vacous waste of oxygen and that the only piece of good they’ll ever be able to do is to die a quick death by jumping into a raging fire? Would that not be honesty in practice?

Maybe it’s this goddamn “political correctness” thing. Maybe it’s that. Maybe they’re trying to make sure that no-one will be offended by anything anymore. Maybe they’ll come up with some sort of Newspeak, except that instead of being unable to say anything against Big Brother, this Newspeak will be structured so that we won’t have anything bad to say about anyone. “A+ for effort,” “it’s not very good but it’s ok, we like the effort,” and shit like that. Honestly, if something’s bad, say it is. If someone’s wrong, tell them that they’re wrong. Be supportive if you want, but don’t decieve.

I have very little tolerance for stupidity, and I say this with full knowledge that judging stupidity by one’s own standards is, at best, not a very accurate measure. It perhaps smacks of self-centredness and some sort of elitism. And you know what? I won’t deny such charges. I may just actually revel in them, being the occasional motherfucker that I am.

I also won’t hold my tongue the next time someone comes out in defence of the fatwa council and spouts shit about how I (or anyone) “should respect people’s religion, surely there’s a reason why they did what they did.”

There probably are a few, and I can think of one:


(Do note that, however, if you have a valid reason for holding an opinion [as long as it doesn’t involve religion, which more often that not invalidates your opinion in my eyes] then I will most probably respect it. A bit. It still might not stop me from being significantly nasty and violent towards you/your opinion, but, rest assured, I will have some sort of respect for it [and—by extension, most probably—you]. And no, don’t get me wrong, I do not condone mindless hatred [read: homophopbia, xenophobia, racism/fascism, misogyny etc], and, while it might sound like I’m saying that there’s no need to respect anything, I’m not. I’m simply asking the question of why we need to respect stupidity, stupid people and stupid opinions. Being black is not stupidity, being gay is not stupidity, being female is not stupidity. Being a racist, a fascist or a homophobe, however, is.)

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