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an overdone theme

she calls you again and you sit there staring at her name on the screen debating the red button or the green?

in the alleyway below a cat scrounges through the dustbins black plastic bags dumpsters cardboard boxes home of the downtrodden the disadvantaged the needy.

martha stewart on tv number 17 out of the 25 things you should know how to do the camera pans to the crowd and you see housewives smiling husbands putting on an interested front prompted clapping prompted applause cheering to escape the humdrum of daily life.

your phone rings sending polyphony into the night air how long before she hangs up how long before she quits how long before she gives up?

you keep staring at the screen saying her name under your breath like some buddhist mantra syllable by syllable as if you’re trying to memorise a foreign word.

somewhere someplace else someone dies somehow.

and your phone keeps ringing.

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