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two poems

I’m honestly not much of a poet. But I still write poems. Bad ones, generally, and ones that probably wouldn’t fly for poetry anywhere but on this here blog, but yeah. I do write poem-esque things, regardless.

Of course, saying I wrote these two following pieces would perhaps be giving myself a bit too much credit. I merely shaped them into the steaming piles of excrement that you are about to read… nothing more, nothing less.

as we forgive those who sin.
father in heaven,
hallowed we be.
save us from time,
for the kingdom, the power, the trial,
and deliver us from the blind,
abandoned faith.
left behind,
you in the earth as you in heaven,
give us today.
where are we now?
forgive us, our common fate,
our common demise.
your kingdom betrayed,
but ours for ever.
or did you lie?
face down, arms spread,
your will be done.
glorious you are
now, our rain
drowning this world in doubt.
blood runs,
nailed to the cross.

press release form
fresh-faced marketplace
engineers, tested,
could hear mom (in professional quality!)
down in front of the tv.
american crime:
“certified reliability from transsexual solutions!”
wrinkled skin power,
drag her fiction,
explode, recall.
pick up the phone,
frothing designed to clean the mouth.
why deliver the maximum brown general
to call what happens on a managerial basis?
mom stood there, looking at greying hair,
her drooping bitch of an eyeball.
“and in today’s snoring…”
in a rage,
yellow traders, designers,
and a whole bag of hash
are simply cost-effective,
just one litle demon cookie
in a roomful of desktop computing productivity.
at the end,
adam begins convulsing in an ambulance.
office users demand teeth.

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