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In all seriousness though, this Become a Legend mode has instantly and single-handedly rocketed Pro Evo ’09 above most previous incarnations of Pro Evo/Winning Eleven. Yeah, it’s that good. I tried out playing in central midfield, which sucked balls, but I started a new game as a winger a couple of nights ago and it’s pretty much been the only thing I’ve been playing, aside from a few races here and there in GRID.

Yes, sure, it’s not like one couldn’t use the “fixed” cursor mode in previous Pro Evo/WE games, but there’s something just more fun about having a whole mode based around the concept of controlling just the one player, taking him from obscurity in inter-squad training matches to very nearly single-handedly carrying a team, scoring goals and putting in assists.

It is, as one might guess, incredibly fun.

And now, to veer in a totally different direction, this is some of the best hip-hop (although the purists might perhaps disagree) I’ve ever heard. My Bloody Valentine-esque walls of noise with a noisy, industrial/power electronics-esque bent as well as some rock-ish elements married to some solid, effective beats. Simple, yes, but so fucking good. If there’s one adverb I’d use to describe their sound, it’d be “claustrophobic.” Aside from, of course, “fucking awesome.”

Great lyrics too.

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