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wherein i indulge in a slight bit of gaming-related nostalgia


Way before racing games (and videogames in general) looked like (the admittedly very good looking) Race Driver: GRID, they looked like this:

Yes, indeed: two-dimensional graphics. HDR? None. Motion blur? None. Reflective surfaces? None.

(For the sake of historical accuracy, I will say that while the video is of Domark’s 1993 F1 game on the Genesis, I played more of the 1994 PC sequel F1 World Championship Edition. The two are sufficiently similar though, so I’ll just treat them as the same game.)

This, my friends, ladies and gentlemen, was one of my first gaming experiences. I remember spending hours playing it. I remember my brother spending hours playing it. I remember my older cousins spending hours playing it. I remember watching them play. I remember arguing about whose turn was it to play. I remember laughing my ass off at them crashing (only to do the same when it was my turn). I remember having so much fun.

I also remember my brother and I trying to figure out how to actually pit in, something which, if I recall correctly, not even the manual explained properly. I’d imagine that the sight of two small children shouting at each other while trying to figure out how to do something in a video game was quite the funny sight, especially in a day and age when people/parents weren’t getting caught up in the whole “oh my god videogames are violent, our kids are getting violent, let’s blame the videogames instead of actually taking a look at our own lack of parenting skills” thing.

One of my cousins managed to reach the final track, which was a combination of various parts of all of the tracks featured in the game given a very funky colour scheme, fow which we held him in high regard. To an extent, I still do, perhaps because I was (and still am, ten years or so down the road) utter bollocks at the game.

Sure, the physics are primitive at best (closer to nonexistant and/or completely illogical, really) and the graphics aren’t impressive by most standards, but you know what? It is fun. Incredibly so. Fast (I don’t think I’ve played many modern games that have the same sense of speed that this game has), arcadey-as-fuck and, especially now that I’m older and can actually realize it, hilariously illogical (180MPH at Monaco? Sub 1-minute laps of that same circuit?), it will probably forever hold a special place in my heart. Partly for the nostalgia value, and partly because, well, it’s fun.

Of course, we’ve all moved on, videogaming has moved on, technology has moved on. And perhaps we’re all the better for it

But you know what? I just don’t see myself sitting in front of a computer in ten years’ time blogging about Race Driver: GRID.

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