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Wednesday was, overall, a pretty good day.

First off, my Sennheiser PX100s arrived. Of course, I opened the package up and put them to use instantly. It took me all of 30 seconds or so to conclude that, yes, it was money well spent. I frankly never knew headphones could sound as good as the PX100s. I can’t imagine how ear-/headphones like Sennheiser’s HD650 or UE’s UE-10 Pros sound. Really fucking good, I assume.

They sound brilliant with nearly anything I throw at them: anything from Crystal Castles to Sodom to 65daysofstatic to Underneath the Gun. They seem to be able to handle most genres well. I was most impressed with them, however, when I listened to Daft Punk’s Alive 2007. That album just sounds fucking brilliant through the PX100s.

Their arrival was perfectly timed, since I was planning to head to KL later in the day, primarily for a buka puasa gathering with friends at, of all places, Planet Hollywood, but also because I was planning to hit up CK Music and buy a Toneport GX.

I was almost dissapointed in regards to the GX: they informed me that there was no stock (and that I could pay the full price, get a reciept and come back later to claim “my” unit, which is what I was going to do) , but, in a good turn of events, they decided to let me have the unused, stored-in-the-cabinet display model. I wasn’t expecting that, but, well, I wasn’t about to turn them down.

I really like it. But it’s given rise to a realization that I may need to get myself a new, more powerful rig (minimally a new motherboard, CPU and HD) to really get the latencies down. I think it’s time for a new rig anyway, but then, well . . . I have no money. Recording with ~18ms of latency, while not impossible, isn’t really all that great, I have to say.

My brother and I have recorded a few “songs,” including a cover of Ken’s Theme (which may collectively be our favourite videogame song ever). He hasn’t laid down his lead/melody part yet, though: if he had I’d probably have uploaded it.

While my friends and I were at CK, I forced the PX100s (with the aforementioned Daft Punk album playing) onto one of my friends. He gave the response I expected, namely one of “holy fuck yeah these are worth the money,” which enticed my other friends to try them out. While I’m not sure about one of them, the other two seemed to like them indeed. One of them initially made a comment about how she could’ve bought a Guess handbag for the amount of money the PX100s cost, but after a short listen she said something to the effect of “I take what I said about the Guess handbag back; these are worth it.”

I also wanted to pick up a guitar and hammer out some riffs, since the friends I was with, bar one, haven’t seen or heard me play (one of them even told me to “play something”) but I didn’t want to buat macam kedai bapak aku, so I didn’t. Maybe sometime/someplace else.

Like the gig I may be playing at on the 19th of October. Yeah, that’d be a good time/place . . .

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