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Fotosun in SS2 have the best service of any of the shops I’ve sent my film in for developing. Cheapest, too (bring your thumbdrive or your own CDr and they knock off RM4 off what they charge if you use one of their CDrs). Got myself two rolls of Fuji Neopan 400, since the guy behind the counter said they do b&w as well, although it’ll take longer. Their scanning? Well, not that bad, but I’m bummed that my low-light shots are all pretty damn noisy (not grainy, noisy), which leads me to think that their scanner has got some sort of auto-exposure correction going on. Will ask if that’s so, and kindly ask them to, y’know, not do that, if that’s what’s happening.

They’re selling two year-old expired Samsung film (which is probably just re-badged Kodak or Fuji) for RM2.50/roll. Pretty cheap, I may try a few rolls out eventually. After I finish the 10 rolls of film stacked up on my table right now, that is. Probably.

My Electro GSN succumbed to the dreaded pad of death. I’m afraid of D.I.Y.-ing it so, yeah, back to the shop, maybe? Should’ve gotten them to check that particular bit first. Shooting with a Minolta SRT-101 and an Olympus OM-1 (black!) now, and both have working metering so I’m not too worried about fucking up when I guesstimate the shutter speed/apeture. I can do that too, but it’s safer, I guess, to have a meter.

Makes one sloppy, though, I guess?

Also the Mega Man 9 soundtrack is lovely. Wonderful retro goodness ahoy!

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