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a photo i wish i had taken and a photo of yours truly

I stumbled on this one while trawling through some older photos on my computer due to some sort of insane boredom (even though I honestly can’t keep my eyes open right now) my part. There are probably more, but I’m lazy and I thought I’d make some sort of filler entry just for the sake of making an entry, which is why there’s only one photo here, and one which isn’t anything particularly special.

Hell, I’d love to have been in that photo perhaps more than I’d love to have taken it.

I shot quite a few photos with the Electro today and tonight (400 film + f/1.7 lens + higher tolerance for handholding = <3), and I’m liking it so far. I won’t deny, though, I spend quite a bit of time just looking at it, as opposed to actually, you know, using it. Haha. It looks wonderful, and, yeah, even a few people of the female persuasion seem to agree. Which validates my taste, I guess.

I can’t wait to finish up my first roll shot in a rangefinder camera (not to mention my first roll of expired film which may not be expired long enough to have developed any colour casts), and since I might be heading to CM soon (there’s photo exhibition running, and, well, it’s also an opportunity to indulge in some street photography, the natural domain of the rangefinder) I might end up finishing the roll of film I have in the Electro pretty soon. Finishing is one thing, getting the roll developed is another. If I finish the roll of film I have in the Olympus OM-2n I’ll be able to send off both rolls for developing, which is probably a bit more convenient.

I stumbled upon this, too:

Haha, yes, I look pretty silly. A few months old, this photo was taken back when I still wore that cap nearly everywhere I went. That particular night was the night I got that hoodie of mine, too, from a cousin for the measly sum of ten bucks. Sure, the charm of having a hoodie has faded a bit (god knows why it had any in the first place), but I still wear it on the odd rainy morning/evening/night (particularly if I’m going out), which is more than I can say for that cap. It has, sadly, seemingly fallen by the wayside. Shame, as I really like(d) it.

Anyway, destination: sleep! My language skills are failing me (I am, however, still aware enough to be able to correct my mistakes, which is good) and that’s a surefire way to tell that I should be off to bed now.

I should take care of myself.

  1. Sep 23, 2008 at 21:04

    I love the keyboard picture.

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