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fuck the lomo society

(A.K.A. Azzief expressing his opinion in a forthright manner partly in an attempt to rub some people the wrong way.)

Hooray for your lifestyle branding. Hooray for managing to convince people to buy into a pre-packaged way of life. Hooray for managing to make people think that, no, they’re not photographers, they’re Lomographers(!), which would like me saying “I’m not a photographer, I’m a Sony/Olympus/Yashica-grapher!”, which is just dumb. Hooray for making people think that a bad photo, when it’s shot on one of “your” overpriced cameras and crossprocessed, actually becomes a good one. Hooray for appropriating other manufacturers’ cameras (that have nothing to do with the original LOMO factory), claiming them as your own and selling them at prices that would cause most sane people to choke on thin air (US$250 for a Yashica Electro GSN? WHAT. THE. FUCK. See also: US$17 Holgas for US$70.). Of course, due to the fact that most of the people who buy into that whole lifestyle and brand they’re pushing are idiots, there are, I’m sure, no shortage of people who will pay such prices. Hooray for your silly rules (including, of course, the silly-and-obligatory-as-fuck #10 of “there are no rules”), which are probably the height of irony (Azzief’s one rule for photography: do whatever the fuck you want!) Hooray for your bullying, monopolistic-as-fuck business tactics (So you get a cheap Russian camera for, what, US$8. What do you do? Why, arrange a monopoly so that no-one else will be able to get that camera for the same price you did, of course!). Hooray hooray for the Lomo Societ-ay.

I’ll never be able to join the “Lomo Society” on the back of this. But then who the fuck wants to join that sort of society? Also, I’ve seen a few idiots, on Lomo-specific forum threads/topics, asking if it’s okay to post a photo that wasn’t taken with a Lomographic Society-certified camera (read: a camera that the Society don’t sell), which is, to me, seventy-five and three-quarters kinds of stupid.

And the whole “snapshot” thing was around way before a bunch of Austrian students decided to package it into some sort of silly lifestyle.

I have no problem with the cameras, mind you. It’s the “Society” itself, and their silly branding, that gets me riled up. To an extent, I feel the same way about Apple and their products. They have their purposes, indeed, but on the whole it just seems like dumb consumerism on the part of the buyers and an almost fascistic insistance on conforming and buying into a certain lifestyle and branding on the part of the manufacturers/(re)distributors (especially on the part of the Lomo Society).

In other news, I just realized that if I have to leave the film and come back another day at the place I’m planning to get my next few rolls developed and scanned to CD then it’ll actually turn out a bit more expensive than if I went to either of the places nearby if all I’m sending is one roll. If, however, they can do 1-hour jobs (like those places in the ‘States I often read of) then it won’t be a problem. If they don’t, however, I’ll have to drop off two rolls to even things out and I’ll only start saving if I drop off three (which is what I’ve been doing). However, I’m anxious to get my first roll from the Electro 35 developed as quickly as possible (on the off-chance that there’s something wrong with the shutter/metering/etc . . . would be mighty sucky to shoot three rolls in that thing and find out the shutter’s out of sync or something) so I’ll probably only drop two off. When that will be, however, is something I’m not sure of. Before Raya, probably.

  1. ats
    Dec 7, 2008 at 21:43

    it has some good points, but the whole text is morelike egotrip. “Azzief’s one rule for photography” so stupid

    • Dec 7, 2008 at 21:49

      My one rule for photography still pisses over each of the Lomo society’s ten rules though, for sure.

      Also, might I direct you to, perhaps, the New Scientist if you want to read things that don’t involve the ego trips which you seem to find so offencive?

  1. Dec 5, 2008 at 17:29

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