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a night at the studio, again

Yeah, we got our asses into the studio again last night, this time to finish up the vocals. Things went pretty smoothly, although the vocalist’s attempt at a sort of “oh!” for the into of a song sent the rest of us (three, plus a guests) and the recording engineer into barely-controllable fits of laughter. Twice! Not that my attempts were any better, though. Will probably delete that bit.

I ended up having to do the vocals for one track, due to said vocalist being unable to put my lyrics to the music (we didn’t get a chance to practice, and he didn’t have the time to come over to my place to figure it out with me). One take, no corrections or anything of the sort. Not half bad, I guess.

I’m purty excited about finally releasing the EP. We’re going back into the studio with Meng for mixing/mastering and some final edits and then, well, that’ll be it. Can’t wait! After we’ve finally finished the audio, it’ll be time to get to work on putting it out. Cover design and all that jazz.

We’re collectively roughly RM300 out of pocket right now. Add in some more for time with Meng (RM50? 100?) and the cost of putting this thing out (we’re going the CDr route, but still, 100 CDrs is already roughly RM100) and it comes up to quite a bit. And this is just 5 songs. Imagine how much we’d be paying if we were putting out a full-length. I’m somewhat confident of at least being able to make some money back, though. Which we’ll probably put towards recording our next batch of songs for another EP, or something of the sort. Or at least that’s the kinda-plan.

Speaking of amounts of RM in the hundreds, I just “got rid” of RM200-ish, and, in return, I shall be getting a pair of Sennheiser PX 100s in the mail soon, hopefully within the coming week. Can’t wait for those either.

Yes, there are some good things to look forward to indeed, including the end of the fasting month and, most fun of all, many assignment deadlines. I should do some work.

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