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my beard (and other stories)

I just saved myself from having to re-format my C: partition and losing all of my photos, my Toni! This Is Sal! songs (including a handful of pretty good, unreleased ones) and, well, my pornography. I had given up at one point, but I guess god was in a reasonably merciful mood today (even if my fasting today is, as they say, tak sah) and I got lucky with one random decision I made. After that it was all reasonably smooth sailing. I’ll spare all you lovable readers of mine from the mind-inducing boredom of listening to me ramble about what actually went wrong and what I did to recftify it, but I will say that I do feel pretty good right now. Relieved, yes, and also somewhat proud of myself for managing to fix things without resorting to the dreaded re-format. Now, if only I was as “good” at (or as lucky with) fixing things in real life . . .


Me and my dad/my dad and I (choose one permutation) decided to do a bit of exploring and seek out the Mydin in Subang today. Fortunately I had looked it up beforehand and we didn’t have any sort of trouble following the signboards leading us towards USJ1 (and Giant). Why, you ask, would two human beings with cocks between their thighs and no sense of proper housekeeping decide to go to a Mydin they’ve never been to? Why, film, of course. On Sunday, we met a bloke who wanted to buy one of the Olympus OM-1s my dad had listed for sale. And I couldn’t help but notice that he had gotten his roll of Fuji Superia 200 for RM5.70. Yes, lima ringgit tujuh puluh sen. I ask him where he got it, and he told me that he got it from Mydin.

So, yes. I now have ten rolls of film stacked up on my table. Six rolls of Fuji Superia 400 and four expired rolls of Konica Centuria 400, the lot of which set me back RM69.40. RM6.94/roll for 400 film. Pretty good deal, if I say so myself.

Couple that with the fact that there’s a place that will develop and scan to CD for RM15 (as opposed to the¬† RM20 I’m paying now) and things are looking pretty good on the film photography front. I’ve seen photos that were developed and scanned at that particular place, and they look pretty good. Sure, I’ll have to add in transportation costs, but if I drop off two rolls or more then I’ll be saving RM5/roll, which is a decent amount.


I can’t help but notice that small children (regardless of whether they’re total strangers or members of my extended/distant [if you’re talking about those on my dad’s side of the family, then it’s both] family) nearly always get that wide-eyed, fearful/unsure look on their faces every time they look at me. I’ve had kids actually cry out when they saw me (coincidence, perhaps, but I’d like to think not) and oftentimes my younger cousins, nephews and nieces end up avoiding me whenever they bump into me. Save for one, of course . . . but then he would probably be comfortable playing with Freddy Krueger.

I like it, you know. I like seeing kids all wide-eyed, having that “what the fuck?” look plastered on their faces. Helps me avoid having to deal and/or play with them too (when it comes to my cousins, nieces and nephews, that is), which means I can devote time to proper pursuits such as Pro Evo, sleep, texting random people as well as lazing around doing nothing and complaining of boredom.

Which is, I think you’ll agree, so much better!

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  1. Ayu
    Sep 10, 2008 at 20:48

    good bargain…n poor kids!!do you think your beard has something to do with the fear??

  2. Sep 10, 2008 at 20:50

    it’s all the hair. that’s got to be it. haha.

  3. meuy
    Sep 10, 2008 at 20:56

    damn youuu. i want konica too! D:

  4. Sep 10, 2008 at 21:01

    you know what i really want to try? fuji nph 400. but then i’m cheap and i don’t want to pay rm 12/roll. at least not right now, what with the recording to think about. and stuff.

    kodak portra 160 too. but you can’t even get that stuff here in malaysia. a friend of mine uses it, but tu pun he asked his boss’ wife to get some rolls while she was in hong kong. rm18/roll, yaw. damn.

  5. Sep 11, 2008 at 13:55

    ah,u wen shopping for films in mydin!! =P

    its the hair or the beard?kekeke.nvm la

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