40 acres

The lab screwed up somewhere in the developing process. A respectable amount of photos have huge, huge defects, namely huge white spots (the negatives have black ones, of course) which, well, sucks. Some are salvageable, but some photos are, well, fucked. Including a handful which would be real favourites of mine if it wasn’t for the defects. Ugh. If I may speak in Bahasa for a moment, penat je aku tangkap gambar lawa-lawa. Kedai pergi buat lawak pulak. Macam. Sial.

I will try that shop again though, just in case I was just unlucky. Just one roll though, next time.

EDIT: It may just be the film as well, or a combination of both. Which leads me to the fact that I suddenly feel quite disheartened in regards to shooting on film. Why? I can compose properly, and oftentimes can get pretty “correct” exposures even without the metering working properly, but that’s just a small part. There’s the film itself, and the fact that accidents can happen during processing and, well, it’s frustrating. Never has “it’s not my fault” felt so hollow. It’s not exactly conducive to shooting, the fact that I can get everything right (ok, nearly) and yet have other factors (and people) botch up the final result for me.

the wall

got oil?

people people

pretty dark




meor and pal








teh tarik

neues gebäude redux


love who?

breakfast of birds

him and her

smoke redux

guitar man

I am kinda frustrated.

  1. Ayu
    Sep 6, 2008 at 00:35

    weeee…dats me!!heh heh..:p

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