leaving normal

What is “normal” anyway? And who is it that decides what is “normal” and what isn’t? Who is it that decides it’s okay to make people who don’t fit into the arbitrary, meaningless definiton of “normal” feel inferior?

Ok, so maybe the people that don’t fit into the common mold are the “odd” or “abnormal” ones but where does it say that they’re the ones that are “wrong” and, to use the lovable Bahasa expression, “terpesong”? Why is it that when someone even dares to step out from or speak against the things that are considered “proper” and “right” in our society, they’re instantly vilified and discriminated against? Why do we have to treat certain people differently just because they live differently than we do?

I genuinely wish I knew the answer (I don’t), but I’d wager that the fact that we, as humans, are mostly idiots has got something to do with it. And, if you couple that with the fact that Malaysians in general are close-minded and pretty fucking conservative (even amongst so-called “openminded” subcultures such as the punk subculture: OH HEY THESE GUYS AREN’T “CRUSTY!” FUCK THEM!), you’ll come up with a wonderful concoction of *phobic tendencies and vast amounts of disgusting idiocy.

(Note that I am mostly talking about being “abnormal” due to lifestyle choices and the like, not because of having Down Syndrome or any sort of physical/medical abnormalities/disabilities/defects.)

What’s so wrong with someone being different? What’s so wrong with someone deciding they don’t want to adhere to your moral and cultural standards? What’s so wrong with someone deciding they want to do something new, something outside of the norm, something treated as a taboo in our conservative culture? What’s so wrong with someone deciding to not buy into your hackneyed standards and deciding to embrace something that they believe in? And if they do, does that make them a bad person? Does that make them any less of a human being?


Open your eyes, people. Open your minds. Try and see things from a different perspective. Experience, don’t just judge. The world’s not just about you. It’s not just about your standards. And you’re not always right. Just because it’s “normal” doesn’t mean it’s right. Accept people’s differences, don’t make them feel inferior because of those. Is that so hard to do? Accept diversity, people, in any way, shape or form. I really can’t help but notice that many, many Malaysians are quite bigoted, conservative and close-minded, regardless of where they stand. I’m on the inside right now, looking out, and that’s what I see.

And I don’t like what it is that I’m seeing.

  1. Sep 4, 2008 at 08:56

    no matter what we think or say…it nevr changes the mind of those “normal” people.because they think they are right,all the time.

  2. azzief
    Sep 4, 2008 at 11:54

    yeah. and that’s just really quite sad.

  3. Ayu
    Sep 6, 2008 at 17:05

    I agree…

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