pelan cap

It’s somewhat bemusing that it’s taken this long (I’m not sure how long “this long” is exactly, but it’s got to be what, 2 or 3 months?) for someone to express some sort of visual disagreement with the Pelan Cap Melayu t-shirt that I wear so proudly. I’ve had so many (enlightened, non-conservative) people compliment me on the t-shirt that it was almost a refreshing change to have someone disagree.

However, yes: their conservatism was very annoying and it was actually quite maddening to see such idiots and to hear them talk. Yes, they made good points but, you see, the fact is that their knee-jerk reactions to the fact that the t-shirt “mengaibkan seseorang” made me totally lose any sort of interest in even really listening to them. Their Mahathir cock-sucking was also quite disgusting and, while I agree that he wasn’t all bad, I really wished those two fucks would have gotten their heads out of their fucking asses and realize that just because someone might disagree with you on something doesn’t make them dumb. Which makes me a hypocrite, since I freely cursed under my breath and called them “dumb” as I walked away from them.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen: I am a hypocrite as well. Double standards and all that jazz, too. Such a good, good person, I am.

Also, people: I got a free packet from the PT Foundation on Sunday containing two condoms and some lube. I can find a use for the lube (who in their right mind couldn’t?) but, since I have no sort of a sex life whatsoever (and, it seems, neither do any of my friends) I am at a loss as to what to do with the condoms. Suggestions given have included filling them up with water and using them as homes for beta fish (WIN), making water balloons out of them (and throwing said balloons at unsuspecting people) or, my favourite, getting fucked by a guy (exact quote: “Dude, don’t sell yourself short–you could totally find a guy to fuck you.”).

I wish the last one was as easy as it’s made out to be. :sadface:

So, yes. Suggestions!

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