the weekend

Two days spent at CM. Two chance meetings with very agreeable people whom I guess I’d call friends (or, at the very least, good acquaintances) now.

Saturday. Spent nearly the whole day wandering about Art for Grabs, taking photos and talking with the few people I knew, and when I got bored of that I went down to the Bau Bau Cafe, planning to waste time until a gig started at 8. Found myself sitting at a table with five other blokes, various brews of beer on the table. I knew one of them, but the others were total strangers. As the day turned into night and more beer was imbued, I gradually began to enter the conversation and soon I was talking about religion, god, belief and morals (well, generally, I’m a bit fuzzy as to what we discussed exactly) with the bloke behind the Bintang Kertas blog (and photocopied novel). It was refreshing to finally meet someone with whom I share a mutual view on those issues, someone with whom I share a mutual standpoint and worldview. In this day and age of idiots and mindless garbage-in-garbage-out drones it was really nice to be able to step out of all that shit and be able to converse about so-called “sensitive” issues without having to bottle my contempt and bile for the speaker.

I sadly had to depart before the gig started (and apparently I missed out on some drama), but I left feeling better about things than when I had arrived at CM. Finally, someone who can think. Of course I also walked away from CM with some amount of alcohol running through my veins and a beer-soaked crotch, but that’s not of much importance.

Fast forward to 5.30-ish in the evening, today. Sunday. Five-and-a-half hours ago. Just outside of the top-floor Annexe gallery I spot two blokes clutching film SLRs, and I tentatively make my way towards them. The one in glasses spots my camera and before you know it he says he thinks he’s seen me before and asks me if I have a flickr. I say I do, and it soon turns out that he’s the guy I messaged on flickr about developing my film. We sit down on the steps and we’re soon talking cameras like we’ve known each other for a long time.

A shared passion does that to people. As does shared viewpoints. Especially when said passions and/or viewpoints aren’t that common. We even made tentative plans about setting up a booth together for the next Art for Grabs, splitting the rental costs down the middle and putting up photos for sale. The potential to make some sort of money is there, yes, but to me it’s secondary to the experience and exposure (pun somewhat intended) of setting up a booth.

The day ended with me having my photo taken (by him) and feeling a sense of gladness inside, knowing that I’d gotten to know two different people from different “scenes” yet with whom I both had “connections” with. And I felt that I had connected well with both of them. Looking forward to meeting both of them again, hope I get the chance to.

Mayhaps some photo outings are in store, as well as more discussions about music and issues over the odd drink or two. I’m somewhat hopeful.

I have two rolls of film I’m finished with, and another one in the camera. Photos from Art for Grabs are split between one of the finished rolls and the roll in my camera currently. I’ll probably finish off the roll first before getting all three rolls developed. I wonder if the shop I’m planning to send the rolls to will xpro for me. Once I’m done with that then expect, hopefully, shitloads of photos. Or not.

Plans: Wait for the Yashica Electro to be done and maybe one of the Minolta SRTs. Use said cameras. Hunt around for expired film. Shoot said expired film.

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