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her words or the lack thereof

going up

you’re moving higher and higher, further and further away from the ground, nearer and nearer to the sky. slowly, slowly, but surely.

ground floor: shops. first floor: shops. second floor: more shops. third floor: an old friend. the two of you engage in useless small talk for a while and make plans to get together for lunch someday. you trade cellphone numbers, then you go your separate ways. you know it won’t happen, but you’re just being polite. fourth floor: even more shops.

each floor sounds the same: people talking, children crying, music wafting out from a music store, janitors carting dustbins around over that hum of people and lights and electricity. the usual, floor after floor after floor after floor.

yet, still, the silence is what gets to you. her silence.

on the escalator, headed towards the fifth floor: you’re not even looking at each other, let alone speaking. you look down upon the people milling about on the ground floor and she, well, you don’t know what she’s looking at, staring into space, her head turned to the right. you don’t know what you’re supposed to say. is she unhappy? you don’t know. not at all. and if she isn’t, why the silence? it doesn’t make sense.

one could argue, of course, that it never does.

fifth floor. you step off the escalator and grab her hand, leading her towards a bench. you sit down and she follows suit. you try to think of something to say, something to break the silence, something to get her to say something in return.

but what?

you look at her, pleadingly, trying to elicit some sort of response. you squeeze her hand tightly, as if you could somehow squeeze some words—any words—out of her.

but she continues to say nothing.


  1. peachdrug
    Aug 5, 2008 at 12:34

    I like this entry the most, with the accompanied picture. I think you should try more attempts like this, ;)

  2. azzief
    Aug 5, 2008 at 17:15


    i’m actually not too thrilled about the writing, but it does go together quite well with the photo, eh?

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