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inching closer and closer

Come one, come all! I’m playing on the 10th with xLumbrahx. Yeah, you read right. Me. On stage. Sharing the stage with Daighila. Holy fuck.

It’s going to be, like, my first gig. Ever. Haha. Thankfully it’s not the first time I’ll be performing on stage, but it’s not like I’m a seasoned hand at performing either.

I am quite excited. And nervous. And it’s only Sunday! God knows how I’ll feel come, say, Friday or Saturday.

Two more practice sessions then it’ll be time to rock and roll, oh yeah.

In unrelated news, I’ve got a couple of new stories in the works, which I’ll definitely be posting once I’m satisfied with them (well, at least to a reasonable extent . . . I don’t think I’ll ever really be satisfied when it comes to my own work).

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