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exorcising / exercising

The more I see, read, hear and experience, the more and more I begin to dislike talking to, listening to and, hell, even having anything to do with your average imam, priest, or anyone with some sort of rigid, conservative religious belief.

Hey idiots, the world’s not black and white. Just because someone possesses different beliefs doesn’t mean that they’re bad, or heretics, or “agents of evil” or stupid shit like that. Just because someone’s fighting for a cause which may not necessarily be a cause you agree with doesn’t mean that they’re going to hell or that they’re “doomed.” Honestly, here the fuck do you get off saying that? Passing judgement on people like how you pass wind . . . you make me sick. Stupid, ignorant, close-minded fucks. What makes you think you’re so much better than them? What makes you think you have the fucking right to look down on them?

I have a feeling God didn’t ever tell you that your first, and most important, priority would be to look down on people who don’t share your beliefs, who fight for other things aside from your religion, who choose a different path in life, who fight for and do the right things, regardless of whether God may or may not approve.

Hell, they’re probably doing more good than you, you know. What the fuck do you do? Prostrate yourselves and pray to God whenever something bad happens, then sit on your holier-than-thou asses, confident in the belief that God will help? And if he doesn’t, well, sucks to be them, right, because that means they probably don’t deserve it, eh?

I have a real love/hate relationship with God and religion at the moment, although I have to say that I’m more in the middle of the two, somewhere in the “apathetic” range between love and hate. But, as you can tell, certain people and things do rile me up quite a bit.

(God, it seems so suitable, the fact that I’m writing this post on a Friday.)

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