double event this time


I probably won’t ever think to myself “what a wonderful world,” but sometimes even I have to admit that it ain’t half bad.

Being outside as the sun slowly begins to set on a good day is always a nice experience.

Look at the sky and try to imagine a thousand forest fires burning brightly just beyond the horizon. Look at the people, try and guess why they’re carrying the expressions that they’re carrying. Watch their shadows grow progressively longer. See how their skin glows in the evening sun. Watch that same sunlight reflect off of glass and polished metal surfaces. And smile. Smile like you mean it.

No, the world’s not half bad. Not at all.



Some nights I feel exactly like this: an insignificant and inconsequential husk of rotting, drying flesh that used to host some sort of living soul.

And sometimes I ask: Does anyone care? Will anyone miss me when/if I’m gone?

I am glad to report that tonight is not one of those nights.

And that, yes, people do care.

  1. mei
    Jul 30, 2008 at 15:40

    I agree I often think too if anyone misses me if I’m gone

  2. azzief
    Jul 30, 2008 at 16:25


    I guess a lot of people ask that question. I doubt many are able to find the answer to it easily. I don’t know. I hope that, however, people will.

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