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the place in the hope

University’s kinda messed up, the whole “conversion” shit (if you know what it is, you know, and if you don’t, sorry, I’m too lazy to explain) is throwing the whole university into some sort of chaos. Lines everywhere, frustrated students, complaints left and right, the whole thing. Not a good start to my second (third, if you count my foundation) year here. I don’t know what the fuck is up with the management, but yeah, shit’s not exactly going smoothly. For some odd reason I feel somewhat paranoid now, afraid of what else they’ll decide to change/fuck up/muck with. We’ll see, though.

One of my friends bought a new laptop the other day, and has, as befitting a football fan, gotten himself addicted (well, not yet, but soon, I’m sure) to Football Manager 2008, with me and one of my/our other friends as advisors or something of the sort. Never have I seen such emotional reactions to a red-and-white circle scoring a goal in a friendly fixture until the other day. Sure, I get emotionally invested as well, but not to that extent. At least not in celebration.

On the topic of friends, I am really glad that I made my way through the whole mess of conversion and registration and whatnot yesterday with friends. Made things a lot less taxing, and, hell, even fun, occasionally. Spent most of the evening after settling all the registration matters with said friends at a restaurant, talking about a whole range of things (we went from politics to fast food to ghost stories to PLKN experiences) and, while I can’t be totally sure, I have a feeling that a good time was had by all. Also, I am apparently “cute,” at least on certain occasions, like when I’m going “aaargh” in (oftentimes mock) frustration or something of the sort. I can’t explain, but if you know me personally I think you’ll be able to guess what I mean.

(If any of you are reading this, did I actually blush? Felt like I did. LET ME KNOW PLZ KTHX~)

I felt a real sense of belonging, really, being with them: talking, laughing, smiling, having fun. I don’t feel much of a sense of belonging when it comes to, say, Kelana Jaya or UNITAR, but with my friends, I do. And I really like feeling that way. It’s good to know that people appreciate me being alive and being the way I am, and it’s also good to know that people can see some sort of good in me, something which I occasionally find hard to do. But I’m working on that. I am. Promise.

Thank God for friends. Don’t know what I’d do without them, particularly during these times of upheaval and occasional emo-ness.

So, yeah, thanks, you guys~

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