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short term diary – between timid and timbuktu (2002)

I know, my tastes in music may scare many of you away from downloading this album and giving it a go, but this isn’t anything like the stuff you’ll usually find me promoting. It’s not loud, it’s not distorted, it’s not “tuneless screaming,” it’s not hard to listen to (from a musical sense, at least), it’s none of that, and it’s got none (well, none bar one) of the qualities I seem to like in my music. What it is, however, is bloody good acoustic emo-ish music. One man, his voice, and an acoustic guitar. That’s all. No drums, no bass, no distortion. Sure, it’s simple and really traditional, but when was that ever a bad thing? Never, I tell you.

This is seriously good stuff. It’s heartfelt and melancholic, yet not overbearingly so: it doesn’t descend into the all-too-common pitfalls of self-pitying and whimpering, which is something I really like. Make no mistake though, I mentioned “emo” for a reason. This certainly isn’t a happy album.

Dave Cullern, the man behind Short Term Diary, has managed to put out a very solid set of songs on this album/mCD. While, as one might expect, the songs tend to sound a bit same-y (after all, there’s only so much one can do with just voice and acoustic guitar), but the fact that the songs are very, very listenable helps a lot, as does Dave’s solid vocals. The man certainly knows how to sing. Out of all the tracks, I feel that the second track, “Same Sentence, Different Words” is quite possibly the best. The rest aren’t bad though, in fact they’re very good, but the aforementioned second track is, to me at least, quite a ways better than the others.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s just vocals and guitar. It might not be heavy in terms of sound, but it is quite heavy emotionally. As I mentioned ealier, this is far from a happy album, and it’s not something you’d put on when you’re feeling good and want something to keep your spirits up. Oh no. The album is a very personal one, and the fact that there’s no chaos or rage, no distortion, no fast-as-fuck drumbeats and no throat-shredding screaming makes it all the more personal. You can understand every word that’s being sung, and you can feel the emotion, in his voice as well as his guitar playing.

Seriously, this is good. And it’s also emo. Which is probably why I like it so much. It’s perfect music for one of those nights. You know what I’m talking about. Those nights when you’re lonely and you find yourself thinking about your ex or your dead pet or that girl/boy you can’t have or whatever. Yeah, those nights. At the same time though, don’t be put off by my emphasis on how emo it is. Yes, it’s emo, but it’s also damn good music.

However, if you, for some silly reason(s), can only listen to happy stuff then you might want to give this a pass. You’ll be missing out, though.

I highly recommend this. Don’t feel guilty about downloading, either, it’s out of print and I don’t think you can even get this direct from Dave. Besides, the Short Term Diary page states: “Feel free to share/burn/copy any of the songs. Copyright is for Bon Jovi.”

So, yeah:


(Note about .ogg files: Most modern media players should be able to play .ogg files. I’m not sure about WMP or RealPlayer, but I think WMP should be able to play .ogg files. Go download some other media player, though, if you’re still using either one of those. I use foobar2000, but, hell, Winamp‘s good enough for most.)

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    Jul 19, 2008 at 16:52


    Nah either way it just fine.One more thing next time try to upload via this site


    It’s awesome.4chan ftw

  2. azzief
    Jul 19, 2008 at 17:29

    I like ’em .oggs.

    When I was uploading it last night rapidshare was, like, the only bloody service that’d upload at any sort of decent speed.

    So yeah. Went with rapidshare.

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