so, hellboy 2

I watched it tonight with a few friends. I suck at reviews, so I’ll keep it simple.

Was it a bad movie? No.

Was it a great movie? No.

Was it worth gushing over? Definitely not.

Was it a decent, enjoyable action flick with had a few quality moments, some notable (and impressive) action scenes that was somewhat marred by a sub-par storyline, bland characterization and character motivations (okay, save the princess, yeah, ho hum), somewhat crappy characters (Abe served no real purpose aside from a slightly cliche “love” thing, although the scene where he and Hellboy were splitting beers was quality, and Liz, well, why the fuck didn’t she just melt the third piece earlier? See also: “brick” for an approximate representation of her emotional range and qualities) and an unavoidable feeling of “meh”-ness about it (especially in light of some glowing reviews that have appeared)? Yup yup.

Was it better than the first one? No.

Was Ron Perlman good? Now that’s a stupid question. Of course.

Do I regret paying for it? Not entirely.

Would I pay to see it again, though? Probably not.

The pasta I had at Williams afterwards, though, was A+++ WOULD EAT AGAIN. And I felt this odd feeling of “I knew this would happen” when I met Pa’an there, almost like it was one of those inevitable things. Haha. Hey ho encik Pa’an!

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