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I, sadly, didn’t manage to get any worthwhile photos of Blood on Wedding Dress. And I left early, so I didn’t see Cholyra, Cape Verde and Killeur Calculateur. Maybe I should’ve stayed until the end, but then, well, I was tired. And Ampang to KJ via public transportation isn’t exactly a short trip. I went to the gig alone, but headed back to KJ with two blokes in tow, one of whom I got to know on Myspace (the other was his friend). They needed to head to Puchong (their bus back to Ipoh was this morning and they were staying at a friend’s place there) so I asked my dad if he could drop them off there. Bar a short bout of confusion at Masjid Jamek, where I forgot that crossing the road isn’t needed when changing lines from a Sentul-bound STAR train to the PUTRA line, there’s really nothing to report. Felt good helping them, for sure, and I guess we’re “real life” friends now, too.

But let’s backtrack a bit. I arrived at the Ampang LRT station at around a quarter past two, and this one bloke comes up to me and asks if I’m going to the gig. I say “yeah” and he says “great, then I’ll follow you.” Of course, I don’t know where the studio is, but fortunately his friend comes to save the day and says that it’s near a police station or something. Which it is, as it later turned out. Of course, we opened the door and there was no-one there at all. Doors open at 2p.m. my ass. Nothing to get too worked up about, it’s not like I expected things to start on time.

Bumped into the blokes from Fall to Their Death and hung out with them until the doors finally opened at around 4:20p.m.

I’ll spare my readers from having to read me attempt to review the bands, but I will mention a few things:

– Merkuri were quite good and played well. Nice songs, too. Screamo, basically. Comadre cover was nice.
– Shallow Dance were quite awesome, playing some sort of techgrind thing and their cover song (I’m not exactly sure what song it was, and by who, but I’m quite sure it was a cover) somewhat brought the house down. Kalvin from Graf Orlock seemed really into them.
– The Psalms seemed interesting but suffered from the somewhat sub-par sound. Very animated (and, yeah, eye-catching) vocalist though. Nice synth/controller/drummachine/whatever setup, too. I’m not sure what genre I’d call them. Perhaps checking out their Myspace would be good.
– Fall to Their Death proved quite a contrast to most of the other bands. Sludgeeee. Sound could’ve been better, but I enjoyed their performance, if only because I’m a sucker for sludge.
– Graf Orlock, well, what can I say. Tore the fucking house down. Massive. Had the best sound on the day, IMO. At least out of the bands I saw.
– Blood on Wedding Dress were missing a guitarist and their bassist and played as a three piece. Not their best performance. Crowd didn’t really get into them either, but then after going crazy to Graf Orlock I don’t blame them. (For the record, I didn’t really get into BOWD’s performance either. Too tired.)

Of course, the whole thing about the sound not being good might have something to do with the fact that I forgot to bring my earplugs (and thus being subjected to EAR RAPE . . . well, good ear rape, that is), but I’ve heard much better sound from worse equipment (guitar amps were a Marshall JCM2000 [later replaced during Graf Orlock’s set with a Peavey 5150] and a Marshall JTM45 and bass amp was a Fender Bassman). Perhaps them tube amps are just too bloody loud?

All in all it was a great day, though. Even if I got a foot to the face, got hit in the stomach, had most of my toes stepped on repeatedly (including the one which has an ingrown toenail), had my hands all over the legs of a sweaty, sweaty white man and took another step towards premature deafness.

Kalvin is quite attractive. And I say that as a straight man.

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