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destination time yesterday

New t-shirt ahoy!

We’ve Lost Beauty Fest 2008 day 2 was great. Sound setup admittedly wasn’t the best but it was a great experience.

Write-up (well, kinda, I guess, more like random observations and half-assed attempts to report on the bands that I saw) and photos in a later entry. I’m beat. My ears are ringing (I forgot my earplugs, sadly) and actually hurt a bit, my head hurts (yeah, slightly-out-of-whack glasses do that to me), my legs hurt, my feet hurt, my back hurt, as well as various other parts of my body. Worth it, though.

I’ve bought more t-shirts over the past five days then I have over the last six or so months of this year. Somehow I haven’t gotten myself any CDs though. Maybe next week it’ll be CD week. If, of course, I have any cash to splash on those pieces of plastic. And if there’s anything that really interests me. Come to think of it, I haven’t gotten the new Kah-Roe-Shi release yet. And then there’s that Analog Girl EP at Ricecooker. RM45, though. Damn. Worth it for the indie cred, though? I wouldn’t know. Haha. Pfffht, who cares anyway.

I really dislike my room’s lighting sometimes.

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