phone is ringing, oh my god

Today I did something I do very often: head to Central Market. I guess that, after home and college, it’s the place I spend the most time at. Which says a lot, I guess. Or does it?

Primary reason I went there was to pick up my Pelan Cap t-shirt, which is quite awesome and worthy of a mention (and a photo):

The fluorescent lighting in my room doesn’t do anything any favours, mind you. Especially not when it comes to photographing things.

The other reason(s) I was at Central Market (okay, more like Central Market Annexe) was to check out the two exhibitions currently running: the Lurking Butoh photo exhibition by Caecar Cheong and the dot-net-dot-au art exhibition by Tim Craker and Louise Baxton.

The Butoh photo exhibition was quite interesting. The photography was great, and I spent quite a bit of time looking at the photos and admiring them. Very nice work. There was also a video installation, which I for some reason didn’t pay that much attention to. Perhaps because me and my ever-faithful companion (when it comes to these CM trips, at least) ended up spending quite a bit of time taking photos, primarily of each other.

There was also a pair of headphones hanging from the ceiling, through which some music (and perhaps, occasionally, even some almost musique concrète-ish sounds) was playing. I’m not sure if you were supposed to put the headphones on while watching the video exhibition, but I doubt it.

I have the exact same pair of headphones on my table. I don’t really use them. Never liked headphones. But then I haven’t tried the really good ones. The things that them audiophiles swear by.

After that we headed to the top floor to check out the dot-net-dot-au art exhibition. It was great. Wonderful work by both artists, although I preferred Tim Craker’s work with everyday objects (plastic cups, moulded plastic spoons, that orange safety fencing material) over Louise Baxton’s embroidery. Not that her work is bad, mind you. I just prefer Craker’s work more. Much more, I might add.

I found his pieces to be very . . . powerful, for lack of a better term. The way he manages to take mundane, everyday objects (like the aforementioned moulded plastic spoons, for instance) and weave them into such powerful works of art is quite impressive. It’s food for thought, really, how such insignificant objects, when brought together in the right way, can become something very, very significant. And beautiful, too.

His “Botanical Data File” works of leaf shapes cut out of plastic safety fencing also impressed me. But what impresed me the most was one of his pieces (not sure of the title), where he took those plastic containers (you know, the clear plastic ones which people like to store food in and stuff), glued them into triangles (three make a triangle) and then arranged a lot of those triangles on the floor to form something quite impressive. I’m not entirely sure how to explain, but he arranged them in a way so as to make them form circle and square shapes as well. Took me a few minutes to really get the pattern, but once I saw it I was certainly very, very impressed.

My words really don’t do anything justice. Check them out yourselves.

Also had a nice conversation with the ever-lovable Pang. Funny thing is he actually likes my hair. Called it a very “macho” hairstyle. Haha. When I get a haircut I’m not necessarily keen on people compliment it, when I have one that I am keen on nobody seems to want to compliment (well, come to think of it, maybe that’s not entirely accurate, but I’ll leave it in) it. Perhaps that’s a sign that I have, uh, bad taste?

Hahaha. Who knows!

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