at giza

I’ve been on a huge Om kick lately. Incredible, incredible band. I wonder why I never really got into them before.

Anyway, photo time:

the birds

twiddling them knobs



Got myself a Nikon DK-16 eyepiece magnifier today. Sure, it’s only 20% magnification or something-ish but it does help. Kinda. And, since I’m in the mood (fuck if I know why, though), I’ll mention that I bought these, too:

I don’t mention (let alone take photos of) my purchases all that often (aside from books), since the act of doing so usually reeks of O HAY LOOK MY E-PENIS IS BIGGER THAN YOURS, but yeah. I have. So sue me.

I really like the t-shirt. And I’m still somewhat dissapointed at missing Mono.

And, yeah, it’s a black t-shirt again. A quick glance at my wardrobe shows that I can divide my t-shirts into five general colours: blacks (fuck I’m too lazy to count, probably not more than ten though), greens (four, one’s kinda grey-ish though), whites (four, five if you count my duplicate Toni! This Is Sal! t-shirt), blues (three) and oranges (two).

Yeah, small wardrobe. Who needs a big one anyway?

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