for the record

From Joe Kidd:

Friends all, kami semua OK (Alak ada benjol sikit kat dahi). kami perlu berterima kasih pada pemuda-pemuda AMK (Angkatan Pemuda Keadilan – t-shirt biru) yang rata-rata marah tapi masih cuba sedaya-upaya menyelamatkan kami dari segerombolan pemuda-pemuda berbaju merah yang memang ready to rip us apart. With the help of AMK, we all managed to sneak out of the stadium (separately) after about 20 minutes being under siege.

The problem here is our song “Mari Nyanyi Menjilat”. Macam biasa, Alak did his exposing his underwear thing and of course dalam situasi panas tentang “liwat-meliwat” sekarang, aku rasa that gesture was misunderstood by the people there.

Some reports I saw also misquoted the title as “Liwat” instead of “Jilat”, so if some bloggers made the mistake, I’m sure a lot of the people in the stadium misunderstood too. So many took umbrage lah, thinking that we were making fun of Anwar. Actually I even explained to the crowd the gist of the song before we played it.

The thing is aku rasa Alak was in his “auto-pilot” mode. We have been playing that song for a long time and to a lot of people for years already and Alak have always been doing that to heighten the “satire”. The kids in the scene would get the joke all the time but we can’t expect the same from the public. That’s our mistake.

Anyways, apart from the guys in AMK, we also must thank Tom (Skitzofrenia) who shielded Alak from a lot blows, and in the process also got some benjol-benjol. Much thanks to Mad Yus (Apparatus), Poodien, Mirdza (Relationsheep), Black and many more who were there and helped out.

BTW; Mari Nyanyi Menjilat (not Mari Belajar Menjilat, as Malay Mail wrote) is about integrity or the lack of it; the mother of corruption…

I regret heading back at 6pm. I’d love to have been there, partly to sing along (Jubur! Korperat! Sedap! Hoyeah~) and to see, in person, those fucks get all angry. And maybe jump in and punch some people. I haven’t done that in a long, long time. Far too long. I miss it.

Also for the record, I’d like to say that I was there yesterday not because I actually support that whole Pakatan Rakyat thing, but because they’re fighting for things that I agree with. I am not at all a fan of the ruling parties and in all honesty I’d love to see them get reamed up the ass, regardless of who’s doing the reaming. I hated all the chants of “Turun! Turun!” and all but, well, I agree with their causes and I sympathise. “Asalkan bukan UMNO” indeed. I’d rather not have PAS either, though, but as long as they don’t decide to go all Islamic on our asses then I don’t really mind. I do not want to live in the Middle East, kthx.

It’s no surprise that the media are being idiots about this too. And, sadly, even some bloggers. I guess political affiliations, fundamentalism (one of the great diseases plaguing humankind right now, in my opinion . . . right up there with cancer) and generally being huge idiots rank above actually bothering to find out what the fuck a band is singing about. Sadly. It’s a shame that your average pakcik and makcik will ever only hear one side’s spin on things, and an inaccurate spin at that.

I’m not sure what point—if any—I’m trying to make here, to be honest.

On a slightly unrelated (but at the same time slightly related, go figure) note, I have to say that while I respect some people’s ability to have a real sense of belief in something, at the same time I pity them because such strong belief often leads to close-mindedness, a genuine lack of common sense and generally saying/doing stupid things. I’m not specifically talking about the issue at hand here, either. This can refer to many things, most of which I’m sure you readers can figure out.

Sometimes I wish I could really believe in something, or even someone. Like myself, for instance. But that’s for another entry.

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